MLB to Start the Season in Late June?

Author: Sonali


It’s all a mixed-up scenario, we don’t really know when the MLB season is going to start. The coronavirus outbreak has made us look all but a dreamlike situation.

There are chances that the MLB season can start in late June. Around all the negative news about coronavirus taking lives, it is all Greek to us. The Major League Baseball officials seem optimistic about the season beginning in late June playing atleast100 regular Games of the season. These games will be played in their own major-league baseball parks, no fans can be seen cheering the teams. 

To realign a geographical division, unlike traditional American and National Leagues, MLB is contemplating over a three-division. It will be a 10-team plan where every team will have to play within their divisions. This type of division would keep together many of the natural rivals. 

Here’s how the probable realignment Strategy could look like:


Team Structure


New York Yankees and Mets, Boston Red Sox, Washington Nationals, Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Marlins


Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies, Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, Seattle Mariners


Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, St. Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Royals, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers

This could be one possibility! However, there isn’t any announcement from Major League Baseball officials. In fact, there isn’t any clarification, as of now, on whether the teams will have to open the season from Texas, Florida, and Arizona before they could return to their home stadiums. 

While the news of beginning the season in late June is songs, yet no confirmation has yet come. The MLB officials are still contemplating over it and weighing in the repercussions of the games with fans. Some sources have said that the players could be asked to provide financial relief to the organization. Players could also be asked for pay cuts. The team is expected to come up with a revised revenue-sharing plan. There is a positive response from some executives that the differences may be settled soon. Most optimism comes from officials agreeing on teams playing from their own ballparks, more tests being conducted every day, and with more & more states opening to the public.

Players are expected to be given around 18 to 21 days before they would return to the season’s games. MLB is also expected to return its spring-training facilities in Florida & Arizona when the players return to their normal workout routines. Suggestions have also poured in to ask players to return to the spring training in the month of May. For three to four weeks players would live in isolation in groups formed based on whether they ever tested positive, hospitalized, and recovered using antibodies or tested negative. 

Everyone is hoping that normalcy will be retained soon and players shall not be required to be quarantined. But, of course, there are going to be a number of new changes to the usual format of the games. It’s going to be a dramatically different MLB season 2020. 



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