MLB Odds World Series: Los Angeles Dodgers & New York Yankees Seek Revenge

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Coronavirus has put the entire world in a state of pause. This includes all types of sports events. But as the pandemic is showing signs of decline in many countries, things are beginning to warm up. Football has started recently. Baseball is on the way too, already having begun in Japan. Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) are regulated to have a 2020 season in some ways. The final details about the season are still being figured out with a change in rules. The changes are going to be a twist for all the teams. But two teams will face the most pressure.

The Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees are the two favorites for this tournament.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers sure want to win the trophy, but they want more than that. They aim to even out the loss of the previous two World Series. The scandals regarding the illegal theft of electronic signs by the two clubs they previously lost to still weigh on their minds. They may take quite some time to recover from this shock.

The Dodgers have a good line up. The players have the talent, and they show flexibility in their field placing. Along with that, the club keeps on grooming new players within it. The examples of Gavin Lux and Dustin May are good enough. Also, their trade for star outfielder Mookie Betts could act as the ace up their sleeve.

The Dodgers lost surprisingly in the 2019 playoffs to the eventual champions. This happened after they had won seven National League West Titles, and also two consecutive NL pennants without any rings.

This has made them keen to win the upcoming tournament; however, they may have some problems with a non-consistent rotation for pitching. Looking at the spirit of winning the tournament, it is quite sure to say that overall, the team is strong. Players acquired from other teams, like David Price and Mookie Betts will surely be of an advantage to the LA Dodgers.

New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are at a draw with the LA Dodgers at present. Both the teams are equally strong on paper as their performances up to this time have made them. Like their rival, The NY Yankees also made a big deal in the off-season. They acquired Gerrit Cole for a nine-season contract with a record-breaking deal. They are sure to use him as a trump card for the tournament.

This step suggests that the Yankees are crystal clear about their objective of winning the World series.

People consider Cole as the white whale for the NY Yankees. But he sure is going to be a threat to watch out for all other teams. The sign-stealing clubs also affected the NY Yankees and would likely seek revenge from them on the field.

The loss of Luis Severino will probably be covered up by Cole, who has undergone surgery. Still, the team is balanced. It is possible that the team will show good performances as it has shown in the past. However, the only concern would be a deeper run in the postseason.

The Conclusion

The pressure on both the teams is no doubt great. Their great performances make sure they are scored equally. Both have +325 points in the World Series futures market at Bovada. The Houston Astros are in third with a long way back at +775, whereas, the fourth place holders are even far off. The two teams are co-favorites and William Hill Sportsbook has given them 3/1 odds for winning.

The NY Yankees won their last World Championship in 2009. A gap of 11 years is quite long for them. But the team this season is strong. All the stars are fit and ready for action. Their chances of winning the trophy might be higher than everyone else.

On the other hand, the LA Dodgers have been facing a drought for victory for 30 years. They are hungry for winning the Championship trophy. No doubt, they made it to the postseason 9 times out of 14 in the previous fourteen years, but they are yet to score a win. The pressure seems to be more on them than the Yankees. But they are ready for whatever this season might bring.

So, all we can do is give it a try and guess who will win. But once the tournament begins we will know the dates of the favorites for this tournament.


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