MLB: Teams To Lay Off When Picking For Future Bets

Author: Mansi


Life is not always about knowing what to do but sometimes to know what not to do is also the smart way. The same goes true with betting. Before knowing on whom to bet, it is very important to know on whom not to Bet. 

It gets very difficult to Bet when the tournament is rescheduled and shortened. Especially in baseball, it is very difficult to predict the champion. To make betting easy for you, we will share with you, the loss of the teams on whom you should not Bet. This will help you to go with teams which are worth betting.

If we take a look at the shorter season, we can easily eliminate a few teams from our betting list. Many teams have a great head-start while some teams just aren't meant for shorter formats. There are several other factors as well which should be considered before betting on any team. Let us take a look at the teams who are not worth betting this season, but many people will Bet on them and you can gain an advantage.

Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox is that team that always has high hopes to be a competitive team. People expect them to do well, and every season. However, sports aren't played with public emotions, but with skills, talent, and hard work. Boston Red managed to win the world series with a brilliant performance by Chris Sale. Chris Sale is their stand outperformer. 

This season Sale won't be able to play because of his injury. Without Sale Boston is only half good. The season is shortened and so many players like Eduardo Rodriguez, Nathan Eovaldi, and Martin Perez will not be able to play at their full potential.

Looking at the team combination of Boston Red Sox they are not having a chance this season to win the title. In the trade which took place between Los Angeles Dodgers, they sent players like Mookie Betts and David Price. Instead of them, they got some cash and inexperienced players in their team.

It would be a good decision to Bet for any other team instead of the Red Sox this season. They have already lost their key players either in the form of injury or in trade. The Boston Red Sox don't look like a complete team this year.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies are a team that needs to fix a lot in the trade of players. They just need to fill some missing gaps instead, they trade unnecessary players. 

The vital reason for the inconsistency of Phillies is that they are heavily dependent on a few players. Aaron Nola and Zack Wheeler are going to be their key players this season. Being dependent on a few players isn't a serious thing to worry about but if the key players don't perform up to the expectations then surely it is a big reason to worry. 

Aaron and Zack are good players but they are inconsistent. Zack recently had injury problems to deal with and coming back from it is never going to be easy for him. 

Zack needs to be fit throughout the season. Another player who you can think about after Zack and Aaron are Jake Arrieta. Jake has the potential, but he has to make a journey between two 'P's that is from potential to performer.

Now after Aaron, Zack, and Jake you can hardly find a name for Phillies who can be their runaway match-winner. Bryce Harper maybe the name many people would suggest but in the shorter format, he won't be that player who can win them matches consistently.

Chicago Cubs

Cubs and Red Sox are similar teams, every year they have high expectations on them and every year they disappoint their fans. 

However, the Red Sox look better than the Cubs this season. The Cubs aren’t one of those teams who are blessed with a good offense this season.

Chicago Cubs have invested a lot in young players which is a good sign for future tournaments. But the problem with young players is like we don't know how exactly they will perform in a crucial situation. Experience is something which you cannot buy, but you can learn from others' experience. So, it is very important to have an experienced player in your team to lead the youth. 

The Cubs don’t look confident to win the cup this season. Just like we suggested for Red Sox we would suggest the same about Chicago Cubs, do not hope that this team will surprise you and make magic come back. Instead, bet on some other teams who look confident and have potential players who can win them the title this season.



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