MLB: No to Daily Coronavirus Tests

Author: Sonali


While the negotiation standoff still continues, another different path that the MLB a few days ago talked about was — no daily coronavirus tests. Amidst all the speculations, the only ground on which the leagues can restart their operations would be their capacity to do daily coronavirus testing on staff, players, and everyone who will closely work with the player through the season. The NBA is almost prepared to administer coronavirus testing every day, on the other hand, the MLB announced an almost different approach a few days ago.

MLB’s Communication with the local health departments.

Per reports have shown there has been very little communication that MLB has had over the last few days with the local health departments. The league had only a little discussion about the potential start of season 2020 and the coronavirus testing as required. Of the 28 health departments, the MLB has had contact with only a few with respect to the safety & health protocols that are necessary during a situation like this. It looks like the MLB is not considering these safety protocols seriously and, it looks like there is an absolute lack of a proper plan in place. The commissioner of the health department also expressed concern over MLB not considering coronavirus testing plans every day.

MLB’s Unclear “NO everyday testing” Stance.

Most leagues are considering daily testing on the basis that — if someone tests today, and it comes out to be negative 24 hours later, the person could be positive the next day. It is unclear on what grounds the MLB is framing these strategies not testing players every day. Since the coronavirus outbreak took place, the concern for testing kits has existed. However, amid everything, the United States has doubled the number of testing in the last few months, considering it the only solution. Following the path most leagues are focusing more on testing — recently NBA talked about its daily testing protocols. Vigorous testing is going to be the ground for the league to resume play. The NBA has shown its confidence in administering every day coronavirus testing. On the other hand, MLB’s stance is absolutely unclear on advocating no everyday testing — it is not unclear if the league is short of resources or does not consider testing important.

Well, while we are worrying about testing, according to the recent report — it is not even clear if the season is going to happen or not. The two sides, MLB & MLBPA, have not been able to reach any conclusion even after so many days of negotiations. While the players want a full prorated salary, the league, in all its proposals, have maintained 33% of the prorated salaries for players. The leagues argue that, if the players are paid their full salary, the league will be left with no financial flexibility without fans in the stadium.



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