MLB Plans to Implement 60-Game Season

Author: Sonali


According to the latest developments in the MLB-MLBPA negotiations, the league has announced its imposition plans for a 60-game season. The MLB season 2020 will begin from July 24 — but before that, the league owners have asked the players to arrive at their home stadium on July 1, showing their willingness to play and agree to the health-and-safety protocol.

On June 22. Monday, the league owners sent a letter to the players’ association stating that they have planned for a 60-game season. The league, in the letter, asked two questions from the players:

1) Can you report to training camps by July 1?

2) Will you agree to the health and safety terms outlined in the operating manual?

With this, if the players send a reply with an agreement then, the league will lock a 60-game season for 2020. With this new development showing up in the negotiations between the two ends, many of the players are willing to agree, but the final July 1 return-back may only look to happen in real if players happen to appear as directed by the owners.

MLB’s 60-game season Plan Implementation.

The major league basketball association came up to vote for the implementation of the 60-game season only after the players’ association rejected the proposal, which talked about a 60-game season with extended postseason and obviously with some major salary cuts.

After the players’ association rejected the proposal, the league decided to use its power (as mentioned in the March agreement) to announce a season’s schedule on its own discretion. After around three months of negotiations, failing to reach any mutual agreement, the MLB has decided to implement a self-imposed plan for the entire season.

This 60-game agreement would also give the league a buffer, based on which it can file a grievance back against the players’ union if the union files one. As of now, most players are looking forward to the league’s call reporting on July 1 and also agree to the health & safety protocols. They look ready to get back to the fields. If that is really going to happen and players show up as the proposal suggests, it would end the longstanding standoff between MLB & the players’ association.

Last Saturday, Manfred met the union executive director Tony Clark in Phoenix, he was sure about a 60-game framework, but it was balked by the union with a 70 games season with postseason bonus money. The players’ union set the stage for implementation of a 60-game framework by rejecting it with a 33-5 vote.

MLB’s Perspective.

In a recent statement, it said that “Needless to say, we are disappointed by this development. The framework provided an opportunity for MLB and its players to work together to confront the difficulties, and challenges presented by the pandemic. It gave our fans the chance to see an exciting new postseason format. And, it offered players significant benefits."

For the self-imposed season. The MLB has asked the players’ association to answer, if the players are willing to report to the fields on July 1 and also if they are willing to agree to the health & safety protocols that would be required to be in place to begin the season.

Here’s what the imposition would mean:

With this imposition as coming from the MLB, the players would be receiving the full part of their prorated salaries, which goes to about 37% of the full season salary. It would be a 10 season postseason. There would not be any forgiveness on the $170 million salary advance during the March agreement. Prayers won’t be getting any money for the postseason. They cannot use microphones while in the fields. Advertising patches on the uniforms would be prohibited. As a part of health & safety protocols, the universal designated hitter will need to remain in place.

The league is finally implementing the 60-game season, after a long three months of negotiations between the seasons. Finally, there are positive signs for basketball fans!


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