Who Will Win The NL MVP In Shortened MLB Season?

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In sports, we have to expect which is most unexpected. This season is a good example of it, we are going to witness players getting various awards based on 50 games. Now let's make things simple. If you want to win the NL MVP you have to perform with a good average and most important hit as many as home runs you can. So now it will be interesting to see how classic players will approve this season or it would just be one of those seasons which entirely belongs to big hitters.

We are not yet sure about MLB to be held this season but let’s assume that we have at least a 50-game tournament. So what impact will it create on the MVP awards? The first thing would be this season will be known for big hitters hitting hard. 350 will be the minimum requirement this season. The player who can hit 350 and above that will be surely a strong contender for winning the award. Here we have a list of players who have the potential to win the MVP awards this season.

1) know why Christian Yelich (+450) is a player to watch out for.

Christian Yelich caught the eyes of everyone after playing a great season for the Milwaukee Brewers. He has been consistent and won many awards including the award he won in 2018. He has an amazing record with 35 plus home runs and almost 120 RBIs with nearly 350 bases. This was his record of a full season this time we will only get to see 33% of the season, and you can now understand the difference in his performance.

Right now he is favorite for winning MVP awards. As we have a short season, the awards will be based on average and big-hitting ability this is where Christian Yelich becomes more lethal. He has a good record, but you cannot give the award on such a basis. However, the format is shortened, so he is a good contender to win the award now.

He was looking good last season but due to an unfortunate injury, he had to leave his team midway. However, he won the Silver Slugger award later in 2019. 

Why Cody Bellinger (+900) is considered as a top competitor for Christian Yelich.

Cody Bellinger won the MVP award last season and is in good form. He would surely look to carry forward that form and begin the season with some big hits. Cody and Christian, both were looking great and in the midway of the season Christian got injured, and his body won the award. Cody has impressive stats with around 50 home runs and 115 RBI. 

As we are talking, again and again, such stats of his body is impressive to win him an award in a shorter season. In fact, any player with the ability to hit home runs and has a good average is a pretty strong contender for the MVP award 2020.

Cody plays for one of the finest teams in the league: The Dodgers. They have a great line up, and they can destroy any opponent on a given day. Team with such brilliant players and consistency will help Cody, a strong player, to win the MVP award this season.

We can expect from Cody to hit a minimum of 15 home runs this season. Which is possible for him and will surely put him in a strong position. He is also capable of 50 RBI in a shortened season. The player who can achieve such a record will surely be good enough to win the MVP award.

We cannot underestimate Pete Alonso (+2500)

We talked about players with high-average but this player has the ability to hit home runs in every alternate game. Now as the season is shortened he can surely manage to hit more than 20 home runs. Pete Alonso may be lagging behind in the competition with Cody and Christian, but he has shown his raw power and ability to hit in the last season. He is also capable of few steals so that we can never keep this guy away from the game.

Pete Alonso knocked 50 plus home runs and single-handedly took his team to the playoffs last season. If he gets set and starts hitting the ball the way he does he will surely be the player with the highest number of home runs this season.


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