MLB Season 2020: The Upshot Of No MLB Season

Author: Mansi


MLB 2020 starts from July 2020!!

Did we hear that correctly? Hell yeah and Game On!

After much disappointment with the MLB 2020 season cancellation on March 12, July of this year awaits some good news for the basketball fans: A MLB 2020 regular season with 60-game. Even though there are still dark clouds encircling the agreements between the MLB players and owners, the MLB players association did give a thumbs up on season practice to be started on 1st July. The fans, players and the staff are getting prepared and really excited about the season. But the ongoing pandemic shouldn't be taken lightly as it can burn down the whole 2020 season plan.

The new season of baseball will now be governed strictly by a 101 page "Operations Manual". It will be defining regular virus checking procedures, social distancing norms in various situations, player and staff safety behaviors, extra innings’ policy, etc. They have even specified down to - no-spitting, no-contact celebrations, and pitchers carrying wet rags to replace the little saliva thing they did to their ball. That is some down to the last detail planning safety for Major League Baseball 2020.

MLB hasn't specified to what point of the severity of cases they are going to continue the season. Probably it is up to the new joint Covid-19 Health and Safety Committee which has been formed. Its main purpose is to oversee all the activities relating to the Covid-19 virus responsible for the MLB season 2020. It will consist of one non-medical person from MLB and MLBPA each and two physicians appointed by each group. 

The How's and What's in the Pandemic MLB Season.

The players, umpires, and coaches do not have to maintain social distancing on the field or the bullpen. They also are not required to wear a mask as such. Pitchers who are not scheduled to play that day can stay in the stands provided they maintain 6 feet distance from another person. Also, illegal electronic devices and cell phones are forbidden. Even in the locker room, the same set of rules are to be followed.

When it comes to the no contact rule, MLB Operations Manual has specified the players of no-spitting, no hugs or handshakes, and no hi-fives or dog piles.

Employees of each team will be having their digital thermometer which they have to take the temperature every morning before coming to the ballpark. They are to directly report to the team doctors. The players are to be tested for Covid-19 every day while the staff is to be tested every week if not in direct contact with the players.

When a person is found positive inside the ballpark, the lab will inform the joint committee.

New Game Rules.

  1. August 31 will be the trade deadline where players' eligibility lies on their being on roaster by September 15. 

  2. A separate injured list would be taken, especially for Covid-19. 

  3. The players are to face only their team division and interleague division. 

  4. And something already seen in minor leagues and World Baseball Classic: extra innings will now be with a runner on second base in the 10th inning. However, that won't be the case in the postseason.

  5. The new MLB season will be 60-game. 

  6. A designated hitter will be used for the MLB.

  7. No bat boy or girl allowed this year for obvious reasons. Their functions will now be performed by the club staff.

The baseball officials are in recent years opting for the shorter innings games. Naturally, they are trying out the same policy to shorten the innings in this year's MLB season as well. Players like Justin Turner from the Dodgers, Yoenis Cespedes of the Mets will be an added advantage to play every day. The game schedule is particularly drawing attention as there are many games happening against divisional rivals. Gleyber Torres from the Yankees will be against Baltimore Orioles for 1/6th of his games. The pitchers in the bullpen now hold the key to the victory game. Teams that have a winning chance on paper, for now, are the Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and the Tampa Bay Rays. 

There will be now dead times in a game since the ball after being touched by a few players will now have to be replaced.

Overall MLB 2020 is planned to be short and not the traditional long game season anyway. We are just glued and eagerly waiting to see our favorites playing this season.



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