Blue Jays Get Approval to play in Toronto

Author: Sonali


The officials associated have authorized the Blue Jays to host regular season 2020 contests. Per the authorization, this can be played at Culture Minister Lisa MacLeod revealed on TSN 1200 & the Rogers Centre, Ontario’s Heritage, Sport, Tourism.

In the beginning, the organization had got only the authorization for Summer Camp activities. There would be a different kind of logistical challenge if there’s a need to travel elsewhere for contests, and the home games are being played in Toronto. It would be a challenge containing the skyrocketing cases of coronavirus. There is already a ban on the mutual non-essential travel between the different nations as a part of precautionary measures for coronavirus. The Canadian authorities have been constantly showing concern over the increasing number of cases, and the player coming to the country from the U.S. With that regard, this is going to be very exciting news for the Jays who can now enjoy a normal experience. This has been a challenging & costly effort — to get a whole separate arrangement in some different places.

Blue Jays have got the approval to play in Toronto.

Per the officials, the Blue Jays have got the approval to play in Toronto amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The team will be arriving here on July 1. The U.S.-Canada borders are closed for any kind of nonessential travel until at least July 21. And, anyone coming crossing the order will have to self-isolate for as much as 14 days. In that case, MLB will need to be exempted from that protocol. MLB might get a similar letter as that of the National Hockey League. A few days back the MLB announced a restart of a 60-game regular season from July 23 or July 24. MLB also announced there won’t be fans in the field during the game.

The Blue Jays were to play at their spring training facility in Dunedin, Florida. But soon the number of positive coronavirus cases got skyrocketed and then the facility got closed. These increasing number of positive coronavirus cases in Florida forced many clubs to upend the plans to resume the training. Most of the teams have the intention to play in their regular-season in the ballparks.

Health & Safety Plans in Canada.

The health authorities of Canada have allowed the NHL to play in Edmonton, Alberta or Toronto. As per this plan, traveling back & forth would not be allowed between Canada & the U.S. This decision came in when the NHL entered the stage when it was to select the hub cities. Of the seven original hub cities in the US & three in Canada — Vancouver, British Columbia has not been considered.

About the Toronto Blue Jays.

The Toronto Blue Jays is a Toronto, Ontario-based professional baseball team. As a member of the American League (AL) East division, the team competes in the majors’ baseball league. The home game it plays at the Roger Center. The name, "Blue Jays” came from the name of a bird. Also, Blue is the traditional color for two of the other professional sports of Toronto. Another interesting fact about the team is that — it was originally owned by the makers of popular beer Labatt's Blue. In the general language, it is called Jays. The official color for the team is a royal blue, white, red & navy blue. The Toronto Blue Jays were founded in 1977. After its opening in 1989, the team started playing its home game at SkyDome. Rogers Communications have owned the Blue Jays since 2000. 


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