MLB To Incorporate Social Justice Elements to the Season

Author: Sonali


Per the reports, the Majors League Baseball is mulling over adding some social justice elements to the MLB season 2020 like other leagues. Sources have revealed that the league is looking forward to new ways of adding to the league different aspects of social justice. After the brutal killing of George Floyd, the voice against racial discrimination has been rising around the world. And, the MLB is contemplating joining the movement along with other leagues. However, there isn’t any clarification on how this will be taken forward, but there could be patches on their journey or something that the players would themselves decode to do.

Possible ways to showcase Unity.

The most perfect way to showcase unity would probably be some kind of organized project. Like other leagues like the NBA where they are considering social justice as the theme of the restart of the game. It is being speculated that, on the opening day of the MLB, the black players will give some opening speech. Other than that, other players will also support the crusade. Everyone in the league is willing to support this initiative.

According to the sources, the league along with the players' association are discussing different possibilities where they can showcase their solidarity with the voice that is raising towards social injustice & racial discrimination. It is still not clear how the league is going to do this — it could be some logo on the players’ uniform or maybe something that the players are going to share.

After the brutal killing of the black man under the custody of the police, many sports personalities are coming forward & talking about the issue. Most of the MLB players have also been quite vocal about social justice & racial discrimination. Sports stars are sharing their views on social media & in other ways. The Los Angeles Dodgers also had a discussion over a zoom call that was spearheaded by Clayton Kershaw. There was a healthy conversation on social injustice, and what happened on May 25. Upon this discussion, a video was released to support Black Lives Matter.

Baseball Participation in the Social Justice Movement.

Since 2016 when the NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick started kneeling down at the time of the national anthem, the MLB did not take part in the crusade. Bruce Maxwell kneeled during 2017, but he did not get support from his peers. Baseball has never been too vocal & involved in the issues of racial discrimination.

It was Jackie Robinson who joined the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947 and broke the baseball's color barrier. But it took around 12-years that Pumpsie Green joined the Boston Red Sox as the first black player for the last time. In the 1972 World Series, there was some hue & cry about hiring an MLB Black Manager. Later in 1975, Frank Robinson replaced the Cleveland Indians.

The first Jackie Robinson Day was observed in 1997, where it was announced that 42 would be retired in perpetuity to honor Robinson. Players were given an option for wearing 42 No. Not many went for it at that time. But, gradually it has become a common norm when the players have to wear NO. 42 on that day.


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