MLB Revises Schedule: Marlins & Phillies Shuts Down

Author: Sonali


The coronavirus outbreak has led the Major Baseball league to shut down teams Miami Marlins & Philadelphia Phillies. The league came up with a revised schedule for the season 2020. This shutdown has affected other major teams including the Yankees, Orioles, Blue Jays, and Nationals. While other teams will forge ahead with obvious perturbation; Marlins & Phillies Shuts Down will remain shut down before further orders.

Talking about this shutdown situation & the coronavirus outbreak, Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun said, “There's a real fear, there's real anxiety for me, for all my teammates. I think we've found it very difficult to focus on baseball at all the last couple of days.” This has become a nightmare for the MLB with only a few days that the MLB season 2020 has resumed.

On July 28, Tuesday, the number of positive coronavirus cases within team Marlins rose to 18 including 16 players, which meant that some important steps must be taken to contain this. Consequently, the games that were to be played on July 27 & July 28 in Miami and Philadelphia.

MLB Season 2020 Revised:

To make sure that the disruption that this outbreak has caused to the game minimizes as much as possible, the league has decided to revise the season 2020. The Marlins and Phillies will be kept in isolation so that the infection does not spread through the other teams. At Citizens Bank Park, both of these teams are undergoing required screening & testing for coronavirus.

In a statement, MLB officials said, “The health and safety protocols were designed with challenging circumstances like the one facing the Marlins in mind. The response outlined in the joint MLB-MLBPA Operations Manual was triggered immediately upon learning of the cluster of positive cases, including contact tracing and the quarantining and testing of all the identified close contacts. The Marlins' personnel who tested positive remain in isolation and are receiving care. MLB believes that it is most prudent to allow the Marlins time to focus on providing care for their players and planning their baseball operations for a resumption early next week."

Miami's season has been shut down until August 3, Monday. This decision has been taken to make sure that the club gets enough time to adjust and regroup their roaster as required. Per the schedule, the Marling will be playing their next game on August 4 against the Phillies at home. But, there are chances that before this game another one could be added.

Until August 1, Saturday, the Phillies will remain shut down. The game that was to be played on July 31 against Toronto has already been postponed. Philadelphia will be playing a doubleheader on August 1, Saturday, and another game on Sunday at the Citizens Bank Park. Until August 11, the Blue Jays' 2020 home venue in Buffalo is not going to be ready for the MLB season.

Yankees and Orioles Schedule.

Yankees and Orioles who are bystanders in the coronavirus outbreak. Per the old schedule, the Yankees would have played four games with the Phillies this week including two in New York and two in Philadelphia & the Orioles would have played four games with the Marlins including two in Baltimore & two in Miami. However, per the revised schedule Yankees and Orioles will not sit idle and play on Wednesday and Thursday.

This weekend, the Marlins were scheduled to play a three-game series against the Nationals. Most of the Nationals players came in support of postponing the traveling plans for safety reasons. Per the revised schedule, while the Marlins have gone to a hiatus, Nationals won’t be playing any game.


All Marlins games including the series against Baltimore and Nationals will be postponed until August 1, Sunday.

On Wednesday & Thursday, the Yankees will be playing against the Orioles in Baltimore.

The home-and-home series of the Phillies-Yankees has been postponed.



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