MLB: 19 Marlin Players tests Positive for COVID-19 Per Latest Result

Author: Sonali


Per the new MLB investigation, as many as 19 Miami Marlin players tested positive for coronavirus. Following the positive COVID-19 cases in the club, the Miami Marlins’ home opener postponed.

The Miami Marlins’ home opener that was set to happen on July 27, has been postponed because of the coronavirus outbreak. With the latest round of tests, as many as ten more players have been found to be coronavirus positive. As of now, there are 19 Miami Marlins who have been tested positive (including 17 players) for coronavirus positive.

How did the Marlins' COVID-19 outbreak take place?

To determine what is it that has caused this sudden Marlins’ coronavirus outbreak an investigation has been launched. In line with this, an investigation by the MLB has been launched to determine the cause both on- & off-field. The league is keeping a close check on their behavior after this latest round of tests was conducted.

In addition to that, the MLB has also brought about required changes to its safety measures to deal with these increasing positive cases. Replacing cloth masks with surgical masks while traveling. The league has also mandated in its new updated safety protocol — the team will be required to travel with a compliance officer. This officer will be responsible to make sure that the protocols are being strictly followed and make sure that the players are not leaving the hotels without any game-related obligations.

Of the 60-person traveling party, 19 Marlins have tested positive per the last test result. One of the two coaches who have been traveling tested positive, but his last test report has confirmed a negative result.

Philadelphia Phillie’s outbreak.

In addition to that, on July 30, there was an announcement of a Philadelphia Phillies coach and home clubhouse staffer testing positive for coronavirus. Upon this, the Phillies canceled the scheduled workout at Citizens Bank Park and the ballpark was closed until further notice. As per the Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo, the Phillies’ series that was to be played against the Toronto Blue Jays have also been postponed.

Many speculations related to how this outbreak took place are coming up. MLB is also investigating the angle of players going out for personal reasons during the night hours while they were in Atlanta for a pair of exhibition games before they reached Philadelphia. This can also be a major consideration for the league’s investigation into this sudden outbreak.

On July 21 and 22, the Marlins played well and stayed one night in Atlanta, where the team flew on the first exhibition game day. Further, after their second game, the team flew straight to Philadelphia.

On July 15, as a part of the safety measure, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp had issued an executive order which maintained that no more than 50 persons can gather at a single place, and it had also suggested that anyone going out must use a facial covering. There was no curfew at all — either in the state or Cobb County.

The major baseball league’s safety manual also mentions that any member of the team’s travel party cannot leave the Club hotel other than for any essential purposes, and they are not allowed to congregate in public areas of the hotel without advanced approval from the Club personnel. Per a statement from the MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, “on an ongoing basis” are being made in the league’s safety protocol.


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