Joey Votto Tests Negative for COVID-19

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Joey Votto Tests Negative for COVID-19. He has been reactivated from the injured list and is back in the Cincinnati Reds. After self-reporting symptoms of coronavirus, Joey Votto was placed on the injured list. A day after reporting, he is back in the Monday Cincinnati Reds lineup opener, which is to be played against Cleveland after his test results came out to be negative.

The COVID-19 testing protocols.

After reporting the symptoms the Votto was under the COVID-19 protocol and was not allowed to fly with the team. He was driven back to Cincinnati and Outfielder Aristides Aquino was considered in place of Votto. Per the protocols, there isn’t any information as to — for how many days (maximum or minimum) any player can be placed under the injured list. And, having tested positive for the condition is not the only criterion for placing a player in the injured list.

Talking about this, David Bell, the Reds' manager said that "Big relief for us is that he’s OK. It's also a relief for the rest of the team, not only for Joey, but knowing that we’ve been traveling together and the virus isn’t an issue here, and it’s not something that was getting past around on our first road trip. We continue to feel wonderful about what we’re doing to protect one another.”

He further added, “We have to make sure someone is healthy, and they’re not a risk to themselves or anyone else before we allow them to come back," Bell said. "Once we know that if there’s a really efficient way to get them back into the team, that seems to be what happened this time. I know each case has been slightly different. It wouldn’t surprise me if everyone involved in that process gets more used to having together, and it will become more efficient over time, so today was a wonderful sign.”

Joey Votto Reactivated in the Injured List.

After repeatedly testing negative for COVID, he is again back activated in the team. This was a very quick return for Votto unlike other players like Mike Moustakas who after being placed in the injured list had to clear six negative COVID-19 tests before making a comeback.

Usually, players have to fill out a survey every day, which has a list of symptoms — fever, headache, scratchy throat, cough, chills, upset stomach, chest pain, nasal congestion, loss of taste or smell, and runny nose. If a player is found with any of these symptoms, he will have to go through a set of expedited tests, and his saliva sample is collected for a confirmatory test.

Joey Votto after showing mild symptoms of coronavirus was placed under the injured list and was supposed not to play against the Detroit Tigers in the Cincinnati Reds doubleheader. On the morning of Sunday, August 2 had self-reported his symptoms. But, Votto was not tested positive for COVID-19.

Other Players On the Injured list.

Last week another player Mike Moustakas had self-reported the symptoms upon which he had spent three days on the injured list before he returned to action. In the past, there have been three players from Cincinnati including Matt Davidson, Nick Senzel & Moustakas who have had coronavirus symptoms and had to miss certain games because of that. But these players never tested positive for the coronavirus. Votto's self-reporting coronavirus case comes out after the Miami Marlins reported testing 18 players including three staff members positive for coronavirus. Other than this, the coronavirus outbreak has also affected the Philadelphia Phillies' team, which was to face the Toronto Blue Jays. On late Friday, two positive coronavirus cases were reported and the game which was to be played against the Milwaukee Brewers was postponed.


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