Which Side To Lean: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds

Author: Mansi


Post COVID-19 pandemic everything is getting slowly on routine, so as the MLB season. Due to the effect of the COVID-19 lockdown, we forcefully have to reduce the schedule of the tournament. In the current program, every team will face each other for ten times.

For the first time this season, St. Louis Cardinals are all set to face Cincinnati Reds for a three-game series. As this will be the first match for the St. Louis Cardinals, players would get some time to adapt to the situations. In comparison, Cincinnati Reds are on the flying side this season. Therefore, it would be a difficult time to choose which side to lean for this clash.

So, let's take a glance at this match.

St. Louis Cardinals Team Preview

St. Louis may be playing the first game against Cincinnati Reds, but they must be high with confidence. St.Louis will be happy with their performance with bats. In the last 3 games, they have a batting score of 30. This makes their confidence high while playing against Cincinnati Reds. 

St. Louis will be hoping that Oviedo will have a good game against the Cincinnati Reds.

Oviedo has scored a total of 33 runs so far in three matches, so it will be delightful if he plays with the same intensity. Kolten Wong will be another player that St. Louis will be hoping to have a good outing in this game. But the loss against the Pittsburgh Pirates will demoralize the Cardinal's team.

So, what they would be expecting is a single win against Cincinnati Reds.

Key Player from the St. Louis Cardinals point of view:-

P. Goldschmidt.

If the St. Louis Cardinals have to win this match at any situation then Paul Goldschmidt should play some extraordinary game against Cincinnati Reds. If you look at his stats, it will show his real value.

In 35 games he played to date he has an average of .330 with At Bats score of 112.

He has a total of 37 hits registered on his name.  He also scored 22 Runs so far with 14 RBI's.

Goldschmidt has OPS, SLG & OBP rate as .961, .500 & .461 respectively. 

So he will be turning out to be an MVP for the Cardinals.

Cincinnati Reds team preview.

Cincinnati Reds won't be that much happy with the type of season they are having. They are having a lot more ups & downs this season. Cincinnati Reds will be happy with the start they are getting from their regular starter Tyler Mahela. In his recent games, he proved his value to the Cincinnati Reds management. Cincinnati Reds will be hopeful that Luis Castillo will play one of the outstanding innings in his baseball career. Shogo Akiyama came in as a big relief for the Cincinnati Reds. He was traded just before the start of this season, and he started to prove his value right from his first game.

Key Player from Cincinnati Reds

J. Winker

The outstanding performance from Winker is equal to the Cincinnati Reds win is the combination for Red's this season. In 41 games he averages .286 which makes him a more reliable player for Cincinnati Reds. He has At the bats’ score of 119 which is pretty high. He has hit a total of more than 30 hits & 20 runs for the Cincinnati Reds. So, he is proving out to be MVP for Cincinnati Reds this season. The slugging rate of Winker is .588 whereas OPS of .994. So, it will be an interesting plot to see whether he manages to do some magic or not.

Prediction for this match

As we told before that St.Louis Cardinals are all set to start their campaign on the other hand Cincinnati Reds are having a good outing this season so far. So, by looking at this data stats, it's pretty sure that Cincinnati Reds are favorites to win this league game whereas St.Louis would love to kick-start the season with the win.

Final Words

You can't say surely that this team will win this match. Because this game is not about predictions. Thus enjoying the game will be a good option over everything. Also, this is the first match for the St. Louis Cardinals. The best thing to do is to support your favorite team and watch all the matches with fun and excitement. Therefore, anything can happen in this clash. So, just sit back and enjoy the game.



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