Best Betting Pick: Washington Nationals vs Atlanta Braves

Author: Mansi


Washington Nationals & Atlanta Braves will play an opening game of a four-game series at National Parks. Thus, to grab this opportunity and to give some stats data for betters, we are here with a full analysis of players from both sides. 

Atlanta Braves will be coming into this match with good winning momentum while on the other hand, Washington Nationals had a day to rest after beating Tampa Bay Rays. Therefore, both the teams are in the winning rate, so we can expect a cracker of a game between these two sides.

Players to watch out from the Atlanta Braves:-

Freddie Freeman

Freddie is a must pick player while heading into this match. Because he is having some best records while playing against the Washington Nationals. Freddie has played a total of 44 games for the Atlanta Braves so far. From these 44 matches, he is scoring points with an average of .333; thus, he can be a good pick. 

He has a good at-bats score of 156 so far which shows how consistently he is scoring for the Atlanta Braves. He has registered 37 home runs so far from the 44 matches making him the most valuable player. His hits tally goes up to 52 when playing for the Atlanta Braves. He has an OPS rating of 1.085 showing how good & disastrous a player he can be. So, you can't miss him picking in your team.

Travis d'Arnaud

Travis is the best find that the Atlanta Braves have got this season. He is the most talented yet energetic youngster who is playing with his hearts out. He has started in 26 games for the Atlanta Braves so far. He is grabbing points with an average of .315 per game shows how consistently he is performing for his team with the presence of Freddie. 

His at-bats score is 111 so far while playing for the Atlanta Braves. He has registered a total of 15 home runs & 35 hits to his Talley. Therefore, picking in any of your games can be a good plot, you could play.

M. Ozuna

Ozuna is one of the finest players for the Braves this season compared to other hitters. He is enjoying this season with quite a good hitting record. Ozuna is playing with an average of .303 in this season from his last 44 matches. 

The bats score for Ozuna is 165, which is very good from a hitter's point of view. He has scored 15 runs & 35 hits so far with a slugging rate of .550

There are a total of 25 RBI's are there on account of Ozuna so picking him would be a must choice for any better in this match as no better from Braves will be nearer to his stats.

Players to pick from Washington Nationals:-

Trea Turner

Trea is a significant player for the Washington Nationals in this match if they have to win this game. Trea is the most successful player so far in the Washington Nationals this season. He has played a total of 42 games for them. He is scoring points with an average of .359 which indeed makes him a valuable player to pick. 

He has a batting score of 170 so far while playing for Washington Nationals. He has registered 61 hits & 36 home runs on his name so far. His presence on the ground makes the opposition fearful. He has an OPS rating of 1.047 so far. Therefore, picking him in your fantasy team will be a real gamble.

J Soto 

He is turning out to be the best find for the Washington Nationals this season. In his last 29 games, he has scored points with an average of .359 which is more than enough for anyone to pick him in their team. 

He had 37 hits so far with 24 runs this season.His OPS & Slugging rate is 1.233 & .757respectively. The Bat score for Soto is 103 which makes him an obvious choice for betters to pick in their fantasy lineup. By looking at his stats, he can be a disastrous nightmare for the Atlanta Braves.

Final Words

Every time betting doesn't go by your side but enjoying the game in a very respectful manner can be your choice. So, enjoy the game with sportsmanship spirit and betting again with the same excitement is the real sign of any good fan.



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