Clash In Doubleheader: NY Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles

Author: Mansi


Baltimore Orioles will take on the NY Yankees for the four-game series at Yankees Stadium to move for the playoffs spot this season. Baltimore fans will never even have dreamt of this kind of game from their side. The Orioles are giving some serious toughness to their opposition and showing what they can do if all their players unite together and play.

Team preview for Baltimore Orioles:-

Baltimore Orioles were nothing closer to quality for the playoffs. They were complete underdogs while coming into this season. But they surprised everyone with their performance in this season. Baltimore will wholly depend upon its key players Ryan & Jose. All the fans & team management will be hoping for their 1st ever playoffs in the NBA tournament.

Players to watch out for Baltimore Orioles:-

Ryan Mountcastle:

Ryan is turning all the games in Baltimore's favor this season by playing some exceptionally well games for his team. Ryan has played a total of 17 games for Baltimore this season. He averages .383 points per matchmaking him the most suitable pick for anyone. Ryan has a batting score of 60 in this season so far, which is proof of how handy he is turning out to be for the Baltimore Orioles. 

He has smashed 23 hits this season and scored valuable ten runs for his side. He also has a total of 14 RBI registered on his name so far. His slugging rate will give you an idea of how useful this player is. He has the highest slugging rate of .633 in the Baltimore sides. Whereas he has an OPS rating 1.074 & an OBP rating .441. So, if the Orioles have to win this match then Ryan must play with the same intensity he is playing.

Jose Iglesias:

Other than Ryan, Jose is a player who is in complete form this season while playing for Baltimore Orioles. His game improves very drastically when he plays against the New York Yankees. 

Jose has played 26 games for Baltimore so far. He is scoring points with an average of .376 that shows the consistency of his game. He has scored eight runs and smashed a total of 38 hits so far. At bats score for Jose is 101, so everyone will get some idea about how he connects the ball with the bat. 

He has registered 15 RBI so far while playing for the Orioles. He has an OBP rating of .396 and OPS rating of .901, so if he has his day on the match time, no one could stop him from scoring points. His slugging rate is also .505, which makes him a valuable player in this match.

Team Preview for New York Yankees:-

The New York Yankees will be extremely disappointed with their team performance so far. There are meager chances of the Yankees making it to the playoffs, but they would like to be on the winning side for the momentum while going into the next season. The New York Yankees will be hoping that Masahiro Tanaka will take them to the winning side with his performance against Baltimore in this series game.

Key Player for New York Yankees:-

D. LeMahieu

The New York Yankees will be expecting some cracker performance from their frontline player LeMahieu in this game. He is their most experienced player with experience of 33 matches in his hand. So if he manages to pull this match in favor of the New York Yankees, they will be delighted with that result. 

Dj has an average of .355 so far while playing for the Yankees, whereas, his at-bats score is 124. So all the fans of the New York Yankees would be praying for one glamours game from their star player. He has 44 hits registered on his name, and 24 runs so far while playing for the New York Yankees. His OPS rating is .928, whereas, his slugging rate as.524 so far in this season. So, expecting a good performance from him won't be a bad idea.

Result Prediction for this game between New York Yankees & Baltimore Orioles:-

The Baltimore Yankees are expected to register one more unexpected yet clinical win this season over their opponents New York Yankees. But this time the New York Yankees would fight back, so it will be an exciting game.

Final Words:

As we all saw that Baltimore is registering unexpected wins this season, so it is more likely that this will also be a thrilling match as well. So, sitting back & enjoying the same will be an excellent idea for this match.


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