Game Predictions: Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

Author: Mansi


In the last match between Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizona Diamondbacks lost the game from winning position. Gavin Lux of the Los Angeles Dodgers led the team from the front and made sure they won't be losing that match. 

This was the fine effort from the Los Angeles Dodgers to announce their comeback in the NBA with the blast.

Now both teams are all set to face each other again. Let us see some predictions about players’ stats & their scores in this game.

Players to watch out from the Los Angeles Dodgers:-

Corey Seager:

Corey is having his dream season so far considering the points scoring fact. He has scored points with an average of .314 in this season for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Corey has a batting score of above 155. It shows how confidently he's hitting the ball around the park. 

He has 29 home runs registered to his tally whereas 49 hits so far to his account. He is also in the RBI topper's section for his team. He has earned 32 points via RBI this season and by looking at his stats, he is a very crucial pick for anyone around here.

Mookie Betts:

He is the 2nd most experienced player for the Los Angeles Dodgers this season. He has been part of 42 games for the Los Angeles Dodgers as of now, and the number is going up. So all the fans of the Dodgers & team management will be hopeful for the better performance from their experienced player. 

Mookie has an average above .300 while playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers and their coach will be happy with these points. He has the highest at-bat score of 166 for the Los Angeles Dodgers which certainly shows through what form he is going from.

Gavin Lux:

He is the hero of the last match between these sides. He is scoring points with an average of .189, which is pretty impressive from a youngster’s point of view. He is having a batting score of 98 in this season which increases rapidly while playing against the Arizona Diamondback. 

So team staff will be pretty excited to see this man playing another impressive knock for his side. His slugging rate is .398, whereas the OPS rate is .684; therefore, this man will be crucial for this game.

Players to watch out for the Arizona Diamondbacks:-

Starling  Marte

Starling has played a total of 33 matches for the Arizona Diamondbacks this season. He is scoring with an average of .311 this means if the Arizona Diamondbacks have to win this match then sterling has to play some tremendous game. 

He has a batting score of 122 in this season which shows how well he can connect the ball with the bat. He has 23 runs registered by his name whereas 38 hits smashed while playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks. He also has 14 RBI under his name which makes his tally more impressive.

Ketel Marte

Ketel is the best player so far for the Arizona Diamondbacks in this season. He has been part of this team for the last 40 matches so the value he adds to this side is more impressive. He has scored points with an average of .290 so far to the Arizona Diamondbacks side. 

Therefore, all the management of the team will be expecting another cracking performance from their experienced player to win this game. He has earned valuable 162 points from the at-bats section. He also has added a total of 17 runs to his tally this season. 

Therefore, if the Arizona Diamondback has to be on the winning track again then Ketel has to play some fine knocks for his side.

Result prediction for this game between the Arizona Diamondbacks vs Los Angeles Dodgers:-

The Arizona Diamondbacks are expected to win this match though they have lost the previous one. It is due to the fact that in the last game they lost the match from the position where they were confirmed winners. So, this time they won't take it likely and will outplay the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

But by looking at the player's body language from both sides, it is expected to have a close & thriller match. The players of the Los Angeles Dodgers will be in momentum due to their last win over Arizona.

Final words:

Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers are looking powerhouse teams, Arizona is having an upper hand, but it would be a worthy match to look forward


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