MLB Picks: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Washington Nationals

Author: Mansi


Major League Baseball was finally rescheduled after being postponed for an indefinite time since March due to the COVID -19 pandemic. Group stage matches were more phenomenal in this season despite the absence of fans in the stadium. Because as a safety protocol, not a single audience was allowed to enter into the parks. 

Now as we are in the playoffs game of this season, we have a lot more exciting matches on our way. Today, we will see some fantasy picks for the game between the Philadelphia Phillies & Washington Nationals. We are quite sure that all the bettors & fantasy players will be studying the stats of all the players just to form a complete & perfect team. So, as we are here to provide you with some help.

Player to pick from the Philadelphia Phillies:-

Ronald Torreyes

Ronald is a young, talented & skillful player the Philadelphia Phillies has found this season. He has every skill that one baseball player should have. Ronald has just started playing for the Philadelphia Phillies. He just has started one game for Philadelphia but has been a part of two games. From these two games, he has an average of .333 so far, which shows us how skillful this player is. 

He is playing with an OPS rating of 1.000 for the Philadelphia Phillies. So, if team management picks him in their starting lineup, then you must have him in your fantasy game as he will surely give you some valuable points in this game.

Alec Bohm

Alec is in perfect body shape this season that every player would love to be in. He has been the part of this team for more than 25 games so far. His at-bats score a perfect example of how good a player can do when he is in form. He has just crossed the 100 points mark in the at-bat section that shows how good a player he is. 

His slugging rate in this season is around .400 so far, which is increasing in every game. So, he can be the most valuable player for you in this match regarding fantasy games. Dropping him from your fantasy squad will surely hurt your chances of winning the game. He has the OPS rating as .809 in this season so far from the 15 games he started.

Players to pick from the Washington Nationals:-

Brock Holt 

Brock has been in fine form this season. He is coming as an emerging player for the Washington Nationals this season. He has got a chance to play only seven games till now, but he's turning every opportunity into some serious points. He has played seven games so far for the Washington Nationals this season. 

He is averaging above .360 so far, but, indeed, the average will go on increasing as he gets a chance to play in the match. He has an OPS rating of .872 in his five games he started for the Washington Nationals. His slugging rate is also about to .455 in this season; therefore, he would be the right choice in your fantasy game.

Josh Harrison

Josh is an excellent find for the Washington Nationals this season. He has played a total of 21 games so far for the Washington Nationals. In these 21 games, he has started for 14 games with an average of .286 which shows how consistently he's performing in this season. He has earned 49 points from the at-bats section so far. 

Therefore, picking him in your fantasy team or putting some enough bets will surely change the game on your side. He has an OPS rate of .861 from 14 games he has started, making him a more important player for this match.  He also has a slugging percentage of .510 & an OBP rate of .351

One interesting fact about this player is, his performance is increasing game by game. So, he will be one of the key players in this game. We will suggest not to drop him from your team. He has been a great asset for his side this season.

Result Prediction For This Match

Undoubtedly, we'll be having one of the thriller games between these two teams. But by looking at the stats so far, Washington Nationals are favorites to win this match because of the perfect combination of new & experienced players. Therefore, putting all the bets on the Washington Nationals will surely double your money.


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