Armed Standoff Outside Stadium: MLB Game Gets Delayed

Author: Sonali


The MLB games got delayed for 30 minutes after there was an armed standoff outside the stadium between a policeman & an armed man. The game was to be played between the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the Kansas City Royals at the Truman Sports Complex. To handle the situation and get hold of the armed man, police at 6:30 PM developed a full-fledged plan in a way to make sure the least lethal weapons are used during deployment of the plan.

After the plan was executed, the armed man was caught successfully. A knife and a handgun were taken into custody from the suspect. This standoff lasted for around six hours, and the suspect was taken into custody on the charges of firing the initial shots. The game was to start at 6:05 PM when the Royals were to throw out the first pitch, which was announced to be delayed until 6:35 PM. MLB has not yet made an announcement of allowing fans in the stadium.

Here’s how it went on:

The standoff between this armed man with police outside the Arrowhead Stadium led to a delay in the MLB game. It lasted for more than six hours and then the man was taken into police custody.

At 10:30 AM the police officers were called for the operation. They arrived only to find many who were firing shots. The man had shot one man until the time, but he was not injured. The victim was moved to safety along with other employees.

Police said that the man was going through some kind of mental crisis, and it was not easy to handle him — it looked initially as if it were not going anywhere. Taking cognizance of the situation, a plan was created at 6 PM to take the suspected man into custody. This plan was successfully deployed and no one was injured.

Who was the armed man?

Police said that the man suffered some kind of mental illness per the evaluation at the scene. He was taken to the jail and was booked under criminal charges for the shooting. A knife and two handguns were recovered from the possession of the man. Talking to the man, the policemen discovered that the man had never attended the Royals or Chiefs games. As per the on the scene analysis and after talking to the man, police observed that he had never worked with the stadium or have never been associated with the team.

The police are in the process of investigating whether the gunshots fired by the man had damaged the Arrowhead or not. This is a matter of further investigation. The Kansas City police in a Twitter post said, “We are currently conducting an operation 100 (standoff) with an armed party. We are in contact with a party that has fired shots at Arrowhead. He is currently in the parking lot. No one has been shot. The entire complex is shut down. There are currently no sporting events being held at the complex.”

The police said that this is a case of mental health illness and the man had no connection to the sports complex or the two teams. Because of the standoff between the armed man & the police the game got delayed until 6:35 PM. The man just ended up at the stadium, and he had no connection to the sports stadium.


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