Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves: Who Will Win?

Author: Mansi


The Atlanta Braves will be eager to face off against the Philadelphia Phillies in the 3rd game of their series. In the last 2 games, Atlanta Braves were too heavy to handle for the Philadelphia Phillies & it resulted in some poor performance from them. So here in this article, we will be seeing the team previews for both sides & key players from both sides.

Team preview for the Philadelphia Phillies:

Nothing is cherishing for the Philadelphia Phillies in this season so far. Except for Andrew Karp, no one stood for them whenever the team was in need. Thus, the team management would be hoping for a strong comeback in this match from their boys if they have to remain alive in this season. Andre & Phil will be their crucial players against the Atlanta Braves if they have to win this game.

Key player for the Philadelphia Phillies

Andrew Knapp 

The Philadelphia Phillies are blessed with the best youngster this season. Andrew Knapp is in phenomenal form this season. Not a single opposition team is able to choke him, and such is his performance this season. Andrew has started for 11 games this season while playing for Philadelphia. He averaged above .375 which shows how consistently he is performing for his side. 

He has a fine at-bats score of 32 which. Is enough to show us how well he is connecting the ball with the bat. His OPS rating is 1.075 whereas the slugging rate of.563 this season making him a more handy player for Philadelphia this season. If they have to win this match, then Andrew has to do something special for his side.

Phil Gosselin

Phil is giving a supportive hand to Andrew this season. The Duo of Andrew & Phil is providing some good news concerning results for Philadelphia this season. The team management will be hopeful for the same kind of performance again in this match if they have to pull back the victory towards themselves. 

Phil has started 18 games so far for the Philadelphia side this season. He is scoring points with an average of .306 whereas his at-bats score is highest amongst the Philadelphia side. He is having a batting score of 62 shows how valuable he will be while playing against the Atlanta Braves.

Team preview for the Atlanta Braves

While coming into this game, the Atlanta Braves will be surely having the momentum to their side. In this season, they were clinical against every opposition. All their players are in perfect body shape for giving the best-suited performance for the respective match. 

The Atlanta Braves have lost to the Philadelphia Phillies twice in this season when they met. All the courtesy goes to Ronald Acuna Jr. for the clinical performance in that game. So, the team management will be hoping for another clean sheet against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Key players for the Atlanta Braves

Max Fried

Max is one of the best pitchers for the Atlanta Braves this season. Max gas played a total of 9 games so far for the Braves. From these 9 innings, he has pitched a maximum of 50 pitches in innings. He is playing with an ERA of 1.98, this shows what kind of player he is.  He has a WHIP rating of 1.06 throughout this season. Therefore, if the Atlanta Braves want to win this match, then Max has to do phenomenal pitching in this game.

William Contreras

William is the best find for the Atlanta Braves this season. He is scoring points with an average of .400 for the Atlanta Braves. Williams has a batting score of 10 in the 2 matches, it shows how crucial this player can be while performing against Philadelphia. He also has an OPS rating of .900 so far. So this can turn out to be a differential player for the Atlanta Braves. He is playing for the Atlanta Braves with the slugging rate of .500 & OBP rating.400 so far.

Result Prediction for the game between Philadelphia Phillies & Atlanta Braves:-

The Atlanta Braves are hot favorites while heading into this clash against the Philadelphia Phillies. By looking at all the stats of players & recent form from both the sides, the Philadelphia Phillies will be on the lower side in this game.

Final Words:

Philadelphia Phillies & Atlanta Braves are the two competitive sites in the tournament, however, Atlanta Braves are having an advantage and look favorites of winning this game. 



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