MLB Game Predictions: Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees

Author: Mansi


The New York Yankees are always known for their complete dominance over their every opponent. The Boston Red Sox are not an exception for them. The last time when these two teams faced each other; star player Clint Frazier of the New York Yankees made sure that his team wouldn't fall behind in this game. 

Now, these two teams are again ready to face each other, but in a more thriller way. The Boston Red Sox would try to have a complete hold over this game but will the New York Yankees permit them to do so? 

Let's see some betting tips for all betters out here and game predictions for this match in this article.

Players to watch out from Boston Red Sox:-

Yairo Munoz

Yairo is the emerging player for the Boston Red Sox this season. His younger blood is giving a boost to other players to play with more intensity. Yairo has started for seven games this season while playing for the Boston Red Sox. He is earning points with an average of .400, which shows how consistently he's giving some valuable points to his team. His at-bat score is also good from any youngsters’ point of view. 

He has 25 points from the At Bats section. He has also smashed ten hits in these seven matches. Thus showing what he is capable of. He has an OPS rating of 1.040 in this season, so picking him will surely raise your chances of winning the fantasy game. Also, one interesting fact is, All the betters will bet on the star players and Yairo will remain ignored, so putting some bets on him will surely be a game-changer for you.

Mitch Moreland

Mitch will be surely a mentor for the young player like Yairo in this season because Mitch has some good experience with this game where he has played a total of 22 games for the Boston Red Sox. Mitch has an average just above .325 in this season. He connects the ball to his bat very efficiently. His at-bats score speaks everything about that. 

He has scored 67 points in the at-bats section. He has an OPS rating of 1.176 in this season, whereas, his slugging rate is .746, therefore, picking him in your fantasy squad will be the wise decision you will take. Mitch has also named a total of 11 RBI on his name in this season. If you drop him from your team, it will surely hurt your chances of being on the winning side of the game.

Players to watch out from the New York Yankees:-

Estevan Florial

Picking Estevan in your team will be a real punt you will have in this game. He played a single game for the New York Yankees this season. But he was mind-blowing in that game where he averages about.330, which is wonderful from any player’s point of view. He also has an OPS rating of .666 & a slugging rate of .333 in that game. 

So, if he manages to be in the starting lineup then picking him would be one of the best choices you can make. Betters will surely ignore Estevan in betting odds, but if you are reading this article, it will be beneficial for you because he can indeed turn the game in the New York Yankees party.

Erik Kratz

Erik will be a safe pick for you in your fantasy game. If you have to drop Florial from your team, then Erik will be a perfect contender for this replacement. Erik has played a total of 11 games for the New York Yankees and is scoring points with an average of .296 thus betting on him can be a handy choice you will make. 

Erik has a batting score of 27 in this season, if he manages to do the same thing in this match, then he will surely make you win a certain amount by betting. His OBP rating is .321 whereas his slugging rate is .370 in this season. He also has a good OPS rating .691 this season. Thus team management will be hoping that he will have a good performance in this match.

Final Words: 

Betting is all about going by stats and if you have to analyze each and everything related to the match. Even if you lose the match, don't lose hope and there is always another to win from your bet.



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