MLB all Set to Ban Alcohol in 2020 Postseason Celebration

Author: Sonali


Every professional sport celebrates its victories, but we all know how the celebration is different when it comes to Major League Baseball. Be it about advancing around or winning the championship, the MLB celebrates with gallons of champagne & beer. The MLB victory parties are all full of loud music, beer consumption, pouring beer all over the floor, and on each other. In short, celebration means beer parties for MLB players.

MLB: Beer Ban for Postseason 2020.

Unlike all the previous seasons, this postseason is all but different from the coronavirus pandemic and how to protect ourselves from it — on top of our minds. The organizers have therefore decided to ban beer in the postseason keeping with the COVID-19 protocols & the uncalled-for situations it may cause. This has been an exhausting year and MLB has decided to ban alcohol from being used from clubhouse celebrations.

This is another move by the MLB to keep its players & staff safe from getting infected from coronavirus. In the usual circumstances, alcohol is supplied during the celebratory moments for the team, but this is ostensibly not a usual situation, and MLB has decided not to allow teams to supply alcohol even during celebratory moments. The MLB may further take steps to take control of the clubhouse from the teams. The league will ask the players to celebrate on the field with masks on as and when it is possible to limit human contact.

The MLB is doing everything it can to make sure that the season does not get to an abrupt end because of the pandemic. This step of banning booze will make a lot of sense particularly before the World Series is still on. Obviously, the kind of clubhouse parties & celebration with alcohol all through could increase the chances of the entire team getting affected. At this moment, it is important to maintain distance and follow all the instructions listed in the healthy & safety protocols during COVID-19. If for some reason any of the teams get infected the entire league has to suffer and the season may get to a halt.

No Champagne Shower after Clinching the Postseason.

This time the team would not have the freedom to shower champagne even after it clinches the postseason berth. In an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the use of alcohol from clubhouses will be banned during any celebration. This week, the team is expected to issue a memo regarding the same. This memo would mention every little detail outlining the key points of the protocol for the celebration of the postseason berth. The key point is going to be banning the alcohol and celebrating on the fields with masks on.

We have no clue of the reason for this ban officially, but we can make the guesses. In most of these celebrations, players are close to each other which increases the chances of spreading the coronavirus. The league is finding out ways to cut down on the number of positive coronavirus cases. Other than that, consuming alcohol would also create a hindrance in making good decisions. 



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