MLB Bets: Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals

Author: Mansi


The Chicago White Sox will be taking on the Kansas City Royals in the next fixture of this MLB season. This season has been different from any other season in the history of Major League Baseball. Players aren't getting support from their fans in the stands, but fans are cheering them through various platforms. We are witnessing more thriller matches this season. 

Players were out of the game practice for the last six months though it's not looking like by looking at their body language. 

As we are heading to the playoffs game for this season, every team is looking for complete dominance over their opponents. Today in this article, we will be seeing stats of players from both the sides, fantasy prediction, and players you should look for while creating your fantasy team.

Players to pick from Chicago White Sox

Nick Madrigal 

Nick is turning out to be the best player for the Chicago White Sox this season. He has played 16 games so far for the Chicago White Sox. He is scoring points with an average of .362, and his average is going up & above per match. He has a good at-bats score of 58 till the last game which shows how good he is at connecting the ball with his bat swing. 

He is having an OPS rating of .780 whereas the slugging rate of .397 in this season. He also has registered seven home runs in this season making his points table stronger. Therefore, picking him in your team will surely boost your chances of ending the game on the winning side.

Tim Anderson

Tim has been part of this team for the last 35 games and has given good performance whenever the team was in a problem. He has earned a total of 148 points from at-bats which makes him a more suitable pick from the hitting section. 

He also has an average of .358 from these 35 games so far. He has added 38 runs to his tally from this season with a total of 53 hits so far. He has an OBP rating of .400 in this season, whereas, his slugging rate is .581; therefore, you can't take the risk of dropping him from your team. He has also completed a total of 16 RBI so far making him a perfect contender for this game.

Players to pick from Kansas City Royals

Maikel Franco

Maikel is the most experienced player from this side. He has been with the Kansas City Royals from the last 48 games. He is just two games away from reaching the milestone of 50 games. He has covered a total of 183 points from the At bat section so far. His average in this season is about .280 per game, so picking him in your team will surely give you enough chance to double your money on bets. 

Team management must be expecting crackers from their experienced players & he will surely be ready to perform the same. He also has a slugging rate of .481 in this season, making him a perfect player for any team.

Edward Olivares

Edward is their most successful player in the recent games. He has played three games so far for his team with an average of .357. Therefore, he can be a valuable player while coming into this game. He has scored 14 points from these three matches through the at-bats section.  He has an OPS rate of 1.000 so far which surely will rise in the upcoming games. 

He is also scoring points with a slugging percentage of .643 in this season. So if team management promotes him in this game, then he will surely make your money double. Therefore, putting bets on him will surely be game-changing odds. He also has an OBP rating of .357, making him the most energetic youngster.

Result prediction of the game between Chicago White Sox vs Kansas City Royals

It is expected that the Chicago White Sox will be better in this game than the Kansas City Royals. They are having the perfect combination of players for any opposition. Therefore, the Kansas City Royals will have to put in some extra effort if they have to win this game.

Final Words

Considering the harmful effects of COVID-19, no fans are allowed to enjoy the game by going into parks rather than risking our lives, and it is better to enjoy the game with our loved ones from home.



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