Complete Analysis On Milwaukee Brewers vs. Minnesota Twins

Author: Mansi


The Milwaukee Brewers & Minnesota Twins are all set to begin the three-match series between them. With the heat rising on both sides for a victory, it's obvious that this series will be full of thrillers. As these teams are heading into the three-game series, all the bettors will be ready to put bets on them. 

So just to give them a fair advantage for stats purposes; we are here with a detailed analysis of top players from both sides, and their chances of performing in this game. Also, you will get a slight hint of game prediction in this article.

Players to pick from the Milwaukee Brewers

Daniel Vogelbach

This youngster is giving some severe headache to all the opponents in the last few games. He is one of the fine talents for the Milwaukee Brewers this season. He got a chance to play three games this season so far. But in these three matches, he is averaging above .440 which shows what he can do when he gets a chance to perform. In three games, he also has an at-bat score of 9, and this number is enough to show how he can connect the ball with the bat.  

He is also having an OPS rating of 1.101 this season, whereas, the Slugging rate is .556 so far. Therefore, if he gets a chance to play this game, then he will be a real punt in this game. Mostly bettors won't put a bet on him because of uncertainty but if he plays this game then putting some bet on him can be a real turnover for you.

Jedd Gyorko

Jedd has been part of this team for the last 26 games. Whenever the Milwaukee Brewers are in a struggle, Jedd never let them down because of his performance. He is in some serious form this season where he averages about .288 from 18 games he started. He also has the best at-bats score of 88 so far in this tournament. Therefore Daniel along with Jedd can be a disaster pair to bank on from the Milwaukee Brewers’ point of view. 

He has also smashed 19 hits all around the park while playing for the Milwaukee Brewers. He has registered 12 runs to add in his stats tally. He has a good OBP rating of .365 in this season. At the same time, his slugging rate goes up to.621 which is a positive sign for the Milwaukee Brewers fans & support staff as well. Therefore, picking Jedd in your fantasy team as well as putting a bet on him can be a wise decision you will make for this game.

Players to pick from the Minnesota Twins:-

Eddie Rosario

Eddie is the most experienced player from the Minnesota Twins. So all the fans, even the coach of the team, will be hoping for some handful of efforts from Eddie in this season if they have to pull the victory. He is with the Minnesota Twins for the last 45 matches while starting in 43 games. Eddie averaged above .250 in this season so if he manages to play some fine knocks in this game it would be a silver lining for the Minnesota Twins. 

He is having an at-bats score of 165 in this season which is the second-highest in the table. So without any rocket science, the team management will surely bank on Eddie for this game. So this will be a wise decision to pick him in your team for some good results in your fantasy games.

Willians Astudillo

Willians is surely getting some good training from his experienced teammate Eddie in this season. Willians has played 6 games so far and is turning out to be an emerging player for this season. Willian's average above .365 in this season, making it difficult for their opponents to choke him. He has the best Ops rating of 1.091 so far in three games he started. 

While his slugging rate increased to .727 in this season, he can be a differential player in your fantasy team by looking at his stats so far. So, picking him will surely increase your chances of finishing the game on the winning side.

Final Words

Sometimes, you don't win all the bets you play but it is always good to accept the result with the sportsmanship spirit. It is the perfect way to handle the situation when you lose a bet.



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