Michael Jordan: Just as Good in Today's NBA

Author: Sonali


Would Michael Jordan dominate the NBA just like he did with the Chicago Bulls of 1990? While with a huge number of variables to consider, it looks pure hypothetical amidst this "The Last Dance" run to think of MJ. But, whatever thought dominates your mind with this question, but he would dominate today, in a way he did in the 1990s. 

MJ’s great body control & Elite athleticism made him a great Competitor. He was mentally strong & physically durable. Michael Jordan is the all-time greatest USA basketball player. He won a four-time gold medal with USA Basketball - two times he was named the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year and won Olympic golds. He had been the face of the NBA for over a decade. Here’s what makes us think, MJ would have been just as good in today’s NBA.

1. Unparalleled athleticism

It was his unparalleled scoring prowess that no one can touch it. The question is, would MJ fit in with today’s player? The answer unquestionably & unequivocally is YES. A 1983 passage says that "He is a well-proportioned, 6-foot- 6-inch, 190-pounder who can play either guard or forward. He is fast, having run the 40-yard dash in 4.3 seconds." In fact, he has been one of the most inspiring athletes, the NBA could ever produce. He leaped out of the gym because of his tremendous speed. He ran like Deion Sanders and was agile like Allen Iverson. And, not to forget mentioning his elite quickness that made his hops pretty amazing. MJ would be just fine while most players of his time might not be keeping up now. 

2. Incredible shooting

Would it be fine to say that Jordan’s offensive game would work today? This is a little trickier to answer. There have been too many transformations in how the game goes. Today there are quite too many differences since MJ hung it up in 2003. The mid-range buckets are frowned upon today that he used to feat on. Most players shoot 3s today. With so many transformations take place, would Jordan make it to today's NBA?

The fact that MJ was the best jump-shooter of his generation. The excellent efficiency combined with shot creation, he was better than anyone else. With his amazing shooting prowess both in the mid-range and at the line, Jordan, if he was playing today, would have developed a reliable 3-point shot. He was all a reservoir of hard work & talent, which became even better with guidance from coaches. 

3. Competitiveness

That competitive spirit that made MJ, does not show up in the stats though, that is what makes him fit in the game played in any ear. Watching “the last dance”, makes us learn about his burning passion and competitiveness. Let’s revisit the epic Salt Lake City Game of 1998 NBA Finals. Jordan swiping the ball from Karl Malone, with 30 seconds left down three to the Jazz, he hits the iconic winner over Bryon Russell. All through 1982 when he won over Georgetown to 1998 when he beat Utah, he was considered the best player at the end of the series and at the end of the games. His unprecedented competitive spirit, physique, and the art of winning it over, MJ gave shape to basketball wisdom. Not only in the 90s, but he dominated the league for over a decade. There’s no need to answer if he could fit in with the elite wings and guards of today. He is the progenitor of the USA Basketball. 



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