Which Western Conference Teams Will Reach To The NBA Finals?

Author: Mansi


We all waited for a long time for the season to start again. In that time, when there was no basketball, we all were predicting the teams who can do well, what changes and plans will players make to overcome the time they lost and whatnot? As every wait leads to something nice, even this time we are not disappointed. The season of 2020 will start late, but it will be wider and more exciting than ever before. 

Teams have upgraded themselves and now we can guarantee that we might have a different finalist and winner this time. However, we all see things differently, so, let us check whether the following teams make it in your favorite team's list or not for the 2020 season.

NBA Championship favorite.

Milwaukee Bucks(+240)

Milwaukee Bucks are almost leveled with the Lakers concerning the ratings. The Lakers have +250 odds while Bucks have +240 odds.

Milwaukee Bucks are in the Eastern Conference, teams are either great or poor and not in between. They have fantastic teams in the first four positions, but there are some weak teams as well. This will surely help the Milwaukee Bucks to make it big this season. Bucks can even make it till the finals are the predictions by the experts. 

On paper, this team looks incredibly well, and they have great ratings as well. Currently, they have quality defenders and at the same time, they have players who can fire with their offense as well. Regarding ratings, they are at the top for both defense and offense. They had a great regular season. They are having a very impressive average of 16.7 in the net rating.

Los Angeles Lakers (+250).

If you go and ask 10 random people about their favorite 3 teams who can win the championship this season. Among those 10, 8 people will have Lakers’ names on their list. 

Very few teams are there who have chances of winning the finals because of one player. But the Lakers have LeBron James who can single-handedly win them many matches. 

If we see the record of the Lakers, they have done exceptionally well before the offseason. The Lakers have almost won all the matches they played. They will surely look to make a great come back, and start the things right from where they have left them

Los Angeles Clippers (+333).

LA Clippers are considered to post contenders for the Lakers this season. Many expect to see the Lakers, and Clippers in the finals of NBA 2020. 

The Clippers look complete this time. They had an injury concern for a few years, but now they look well. Offseason will help their players to rest properly and start this season fresh. It would be exciting to watch the Clippers and Lakers playing against each other this season.

NBA Championship Top 3 Contenders

Houston Rockets (+1300).

Offseason had created different impacts on different teams. Some teams found it difficult as they were in great form, and they had to stop suddenly. While some teams feel the offseason was good as now they can take their time and make a great comeback by preparing and improving themselves in this period.

Houston Rockets will heavily depend on their superstars this season. They have stat players like James Harden, Anthony Davis, Nikola Jokic. I hope they do well this season.

Boston Celtics (+2200).

If we see the team combination of the Boston Celtics they look a great team and can be rated high. But the problem is their injured players. However, as we say, one man's loss is another man's opportunity. When their superstar Kemba Walker was suffering through injury at that time Tatum came and replaced him pretty well. 

However, this time their team players look good and are not injured and hopefully play the whole season. Boston is a great team with the best head coach in the tournament.

Toronto Raptors (+2200).

Many people hope that Toronto Raptors should defend their title this season. Honestly, it is very difficult for them, and they are no longer the same team as they were the previous season. Even if they had the same spark and players to deliver such performance, it would be still difficult for them to deliver such performance back-to-back years successively.



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