How NBA Planning to Prevent Covid-19 Infection?

Author: Mansi


While the league is overtly showing its concerns about the spread of the coronavirus infections, yet, it is positive about starting the season. Adam Silver, NBA commissioner looks quite confident about beginning with the game. On the other hand, the concern over the number of coronavirus cases is increasing every day in Florida. Keeping this concern in mind, the league has decided to start the game in a “bubble.”

In the last few days, there has been a huge increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Florida, which is the real reason for concern for the league. The NBA has planned the season to be held in Orlando, Florida, in which 22 games will be played. The postseason will also be organized at the same place. Despite the concern over the increasing number of coronavirus cases, the NBA is all but confident about the season to happen as scheduled keeping players together in the bubble.

The NBA explained its stance — the league is already in the process of discussing the increasing COVID-19 cases and this will further be discussed with the medical experts, and the public health officials of NBA to compare the league’s plan, and that of what’s happening in Florida.

There can be Further Tweaks in the Health & Safety Protocols.

However, Orlando, which is located in Central Florida, is not as affected by coronavirus as south Florida, yet there can be many other changes in the NBA safety protocols as per the requirements — if it’s really required. The league showed its concern over the non-NBA employees to spread coronavirus into the bubble. The leagues’ authorities have confirmed that it may put further restrictions and may limit the number of people entering the bubble. Because of the coronavirus pandemic outbreak in March, the NBA season came to an abrupt halt.

Here’s everything about Orlando Bubble.

There were still 259 regular-season games left when on March 11, the game came to a halt because of the coronavirus outbreak. And, the league has decided to resume the season with proper safety and health protocols in place and on certain conditions. Health experts have described that during the entire return-of -the-play there is a need to create a layer of protection to keep the players and every other staff at bay from coronavirus infection.

The only way to reduce the chances of coronavirus infection is by reducing the number of people in the game, which could be further made better with everyday temperature checks, and health tests. There was a recommendation from the experts to keep these people away from their families to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection. However, keeping players quarantined away from their families would not be a better option.

In nutshell, playing in a “bubble” would mean many layers of protection in place to keep coronavirus infection at bay. Keeping the number of people to the minimum can only help. This would further help in preventing coronavirus from further spreading. The only way to keep players safe would be to allow the game to happen under several layers of protection.


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