NBA Regular Season: NBA Dark Horses For the Comeback

Author: Mansi


NBA Regular Season: NBA Dark Horses for the Comeback

Haven't we all been guilty of seeing some teams as the ultimate presence in the NBA Finals?

Los Angeles Lakers!

Milwaukee Bucks!

Los Angeles Clippers!

When it comes to these teams, the other teams and talents often go unnoticed and unrecognized. Everyone is rooting for big shot teams with their superstar players like LeBron James -99 rating, Anthony Davis- 96 rating, Giannis Antetokounmpo- 95, Khris Middleton - 86, Paul George - 90, Kawhi Leonard with a rating of 95, etc. 

But the 2020 NBA regular season which is resuming in Orlando, Disney, California, can go a little unexpected as the super talents are not represented in any particular team. Instead, they are scattered with talented players among various teams. 

Let us take a look at some dark horse teams to look out for this season.

Miami Heat.

The Miami Heat under Coach Erik Spoelstra was making waves in the pre-pandemic season. Their recruit Jimmy Butler is proving to be the team's pole star guiding the younger players – Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro to a great team play. Pat Riley's team now seems to be one of the top contenders in the Eastern Conference with his new reorganization.

Miami also has their commendable sharpshooters like Bam Adebayo and Duncan Robinson who can't go unmentioned. Veterans like Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters bring in the much-needed experience while handling the complicated situations on the court.

The Miami Heat had already beaten the Indiana Pacers and 76ers combined 5-1. Even the Milwaukee Bucks lost twice to the Heat this season. It is safe to say with their versatile talent and strong defenses; we are looking at one of the potential teams in finals.

Not to forget the new entries Andre Iguodala and Jae Crowder bringing in the added edge for Miami Heat.

Philadelphia 76ers.

One cannot deny the loss of JJ Reddick for Philadelphia 76ers when it comes to his screening and off-balance shooting. The injuries of Beth Simmons and Joel Embiid did bring some spacings for the players in the game which can prove to be an issue in their performance. Reddick with a shooting percentage of 42.4 although left the team, 76ers now got a new strategic plan waiting for the upcoming games as a comeback.

The team got their new entries like Josh Richardson and Al Horford which now made the 76ers opt for a newer and stronger lineup strategy. Their offense constituting the lineup of Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, Horford, Richardson, and Joel Embiid can bring a potential threat to the Eastern Conference contenders. 

Tobias Harris feels more home in the perimeter center of the game. While Josh Richardson with a 38.50 shooting percentage shows a promising momentum when making a basket moving towards it. Hopefully, he will be able to replace Reddick with the offense game. 

Toronto Raptors.

With Kawhi Leonard leaving the Raptors, the team seemed to be in the 4th or 6th seed. But that is far from true. With their budding player Pascal Siakam one step away from steering the team to greater heights, the Raptors seem to be running as one of the strong contenders for the Eastern Conference.

They have significantly strengthened their defenses.

General Manager Masai Ujiri's entry into the Toronto Raptors has the team focusing on developing more of the young players.

Raptors' new selection Dewan Hernandez is the energy power-pack. His last season's suspension didn't dampen his spirits of making a 3-pointer shot at his game. He is also solid in the defense at the rim. Toronto Raptors has 6'8" Sagaba Konate as another addition to the team who has shown outstanding potential through his shot-blocking moments. His recent 3-point shot addition to his list of perks is making Raptors possibly looking at the finals.

Houston Rockets.

Just like the Toronto Raptors, Houston Rockets lost their strong player Clint Capela to Atlanta Hawks. Avery Bradley too won't be in the Orlando season. But many of you think they cannot only survive but give a strong competition in the game season. Here's why.

In their game against the Los Angeles Lakers last season, Russell Westbrook made 41 points. Commendable if you ask considering Lakers' Anthony Davis made a not bad 32 points and LeBron 18 points. 

James Harden with 34.4 point average, and Russell Westbrook with 31.7 point average, Houston Rockets do possess a chance to be seen as a dark horse. 

So many potential underdogs to look out for. Doesn't the weakest make the best one… We are sold for this season!


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