Can Boston Celtics Win The Eastern Conference With The Current Roster?

Author: Mansi


One big change which everyone is discussing right now for the Boston Celtics is the entry of Kemba Walker. Kemba Walker is definitely the player who can perform as good as Kyrie Irving, but we have to see who ‘can’ perform ‘will’ perform or not. The Boston Celtics will surely be looking forward to winning the championship this season.  

What to expect from Kemba Walker this season.

As a player, you must know a very important skill of adaptation. A player who has played most of his matches for Charlotte Hornets now is switched to another team. Now Kemba Walker will be seen playing alongside Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum, and Gordon Hayward. The players who were once his opponents are now his teammates. 

Surely Kemba Walker will learn a lot from them and it will help both the parties and also Boston Celtic. Kyrie Irving will be a loss for the Boston Celtics but it will be an opportunity for Kemba Walker. Kemba Walker is in the hot red form and will try to make most of this opportunity and grab it with both the hands.

Kemba Walker has to make adjustments with the new player this is where training camps and practice-sessions will play their part. Now we have to wait and watch how Boston accepts Kemba, and how he adapts himself to the team.

How can Boston utilize the special talent of Kemba Walker?

Brad Stevens, who is the head coach of Boston Celtics, is interested in young and skillful players like Kemba Walker. Kemba Walker was a previous All-Star forward who had found the middle value of 21.9 focuses per game in his last season in Utah attempted to keep up twofold figures in his first full season from that point forward, getting done with 11.5 focuses per game. Kemba, however, is coming back from injury and  two his field objective and 3-point rate, were down and - as you would expect after an extreme physical issue 

Hopefully, as the season went on Hayward started to look an ever-increasing number of like his old self. Down the final lap, he appeared to at long last add trust in his development again, and he began seeing more shots fall. After the All-Star break, Hayward found the middle value of 12.2 focuses per game shooting 55.1% from the field, however, his 3-point rate remained lower than he's utilized to. 

He hit his sweet spot in the first round of the end of the season games arriving at twofold figures in scoring in three of the Celtics' four-win clear of the Indiana Pacers; however, it looked like the long season had gotten to him in the Conference Semifinals versus the Milwaukee Bucks. 

Hayward will keep on being a key purpose of Boston's hostile course of action and his play could be the contrast between one more second-round exit or a push to the Conference Finals and past. In the event that Hayward could return to 75% of the player, the Celtics are paying him to be, Boston will be an extreme out for any group it’s coordinated facing. 

The greatest inquiry for the Celtics heading into the 2019-20 season is undoubtedly their profundity at the inside position. Veteran enormous man, pioneer, and guarded grapple Al Horford marked with Boston's adversaries - the Philadelphia 76ers. On draft night, the Celtics exchanged reinforcements and edge defender Aron Baynes to the Phoenix Suns for a 2020 first-round pick. These two bigs played practically all the minutes at the five for Boston last season, deserting a huge opportunity to be filled. 

The Celtics went out and marked Enes Kanter in free office, who will probably turn into the group's beginning place. As increasingly hostile disapproval of an enormous man, Kanter should step forward on edge to endeavor to supplant the creation of the 2 communities that preceded him. Where Kanter is a colossal overhaul for Boston is on the glass - he is a standout amongst other hostile rebounders, and rebounders when all is said and done, in the NBA. 

Second-year focus Robert Williams will likewise be required to take a tremendous bounce in two jobs and playing time this season. He's substantially more fit to be the cautious stay and edge defender the Celtics need, however, he just played 8.8 minutes per game last season and comes up short on the experience to take on the full-time beginning focus job. He indicated a huge amount of upside potential in the minutes he played last season, as lead trainer Brad Stevens regularly went to the athletic new kid on the block place to start a fire on edge end and on the sheets.



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