Who Will Be The Brooklyn Nets Next Potential Player?

Author: Mansi


Okay, let’s admit it. The Brooklyn Nets are in a spot of bother. They have been hit hard by injuries, and they have had to come up with a clutch of signings in the last moment. It is also pertinent to note there is a need for the Brooklyn nets to ensure that they convert one of these signings into a key player for their squad. This is significant owing to the fact that most teams function well when there are one or two players who will act as the fulcrum for their offensive or defensive plans. 

The present article takes a deep dive into the profiles of various players, and then places a bet on who will be the next ‘Brooklyn Superstar’. 


  1. Michael Beasly - This guy was an absolute phenomenon in the early 2000s and was eventually the number two pick in the draft. It is interesting to note that he was the number two draft pick overall, but sort of faded away in the later years. It is clear that he has the talent and the tools, but he seems to lack the mental toughness that is required by an individual who can perform at the highest level. This will be a tall order to fill for the coaching staff in Brooklyn, especially since Michael is on the older side of 25 when it comes to playing basketball at a professional level. The coaching staff will have to rework his fundamentals of play, and this may prove to be a costly investment as he does not have a solid track record to fall back on. In other words, he has been a draft bust, but he could be a surprise package if the casting crew around him checks all the right boxes. 
  2. Jamal Crawford - If it's’ one thing that Jamal Crawford has done over the years, he has been consistently inconsistent. He was drafted in the year 2000 and has seen little success over the years. With a dropping shooting percentage in the league, he does not make an exceptional case for his recent signing. It is a bit of a mystery as to why the nets even picked him up this year, especially since he does not provide any exceptional value even in the fourth quarter. But it's important to keep in mind the fact that he has been rather injury-prone in his previous stints. While he has been able to avoid career-ending injuries over the years, his overall fitness will remain a question. The game has evolved; while it has become less physical it is pertinent to note that long-range game has developed especially with the rise of the golden state warriors and players like Crawford who belong to the older generation might find it hard to cope with the changing game. Therefore, the supporting cast will have to put in the extra hours to ensure that this investment turns out to be an asset rather than a liability. 
  3. If there is one player that will pay off for the nets it is Isaiah Thomas. Sure, he does not check the conventional NBA checkboxes, but he has enormous production. He has topped the production charts every year in almost every metric possible. He has been able to shed his low draft stock tag since the time he was drafted and makes for an excellent candidate for the nets to rally around. Time and again, it has been proved that it is usually one player who has been able to rally and catapult the team into greater heights. He could potentially do for the nets what Michael Jordan did for the Bulls, Bird for the Celtics, James for Miami Heat, and more recently Steph Curry for the Golden State Warriors. With his exceptional 4th quarter play it is without a doubt that Isaiah Thomas will be able to provide the best of his services in those clutch moments of play. The playoff moments and the postseason qualifiers have been a major source of problem for the Nets with a very poor postseason performance. In addition to this, Thomas has a unique skill set when it comes to the fourth quarter he is able to wear the opposition down by probing their defenses relentlessly. This proves to be a major issue for many defenses as it can lead to fatigue for the defenders which leads to clutch mistakes. It is this unique skill set that puts Isaiah Thomas in the front running for becoming the next Brooklyn star.


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