Kevin Garnett Mulling Over Purchasing Timberwolves?

Author: Mansi


If Kevin Garnett buys Timberwolves, he can become the second former basketball player to become NBA’s governor. Per the recent reports, Garnett is discussing the potential purchase of Minnesota Timberwolves, the American professional basketball team with a group of investors.

The current owner of the team, Glen Taylor.

Glen Taylor is the current owner of the team and said that he is looking out for different options for selling his team. Taylor has been there in the game (serving the owner of the team) since 1994. It was Timberwolves, the first & the last team, that Garnett played with. Garnett in a statement, expressing his intent to buy the team said that “I want to buy the Timberwolves. Put a group together and perhaps someday try to buy the team. That's what I want. I love those young guys. I told Thibs I want to work with him, but obviously I and Glen don't see eye-to-eye on a lot of things, and that's how it's going to be.”

He has long expressed the intent to play a bigger role in the team after retirement. However, Tom Thibodeau coming into the play as the head coach and the president of the basketball operation could not make this dream true. This came after the premature death of Flip Saunders, the head coach of the team at the time. In 2018, Saunders was given a banner by the Timberwolves, and the team is now coached by his son Ryan.

The only black governor in the NBA.

The NBA is keen to have Garnett on board as the owner of the Timberwolves. Currently, there is only one black governor, Michael Jordan in the NBA. The point here, Minneapolis is the place where the killing of George Floyd took place and that was when the moment for social justice began. This could be a great step when the former Timberwolves player, Garnett can catalyze the diversification of the league with most white leaders. This would be an important step in the coalition led by Kyrie Irving and Avery Bradley who are working out ways for the future of the NBA.

Will Garnett own a major part of the Team?

But, as of now, it is not clear, whether the major part of the team would be owned by Garnett or not in this kind of purchase. At the time of Garnett’s retirement, he was the highest-paid player of the NBA. In the history of the NBA, Michael Jordan with his prolific endorsing bridged that gap. At this point in time, the net worth for Garnett is not known exactly, but even if he does not end-up the governor of the team, he would surely end up a prominent position in the team.

Glen Taylor is still in the early stage of looking for potential buyers for his team. As of now, there isn’t any guarantee of the deal even happening. No other owner can move the team as vowed by Taylor. It could be a great chance for Garnett to purchase the team with only very few possible owners given the pandemic. Let’s see if Garnett would finally own the team, which had drafted 25 years ago.



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