NBA Update: Yet Again Zero Positive COVID-19 cases

Author: Sonali


The NBA has announced that it has finally conducted the final round of the COVID-19 test. The 2019-20 season is ready to start with zero positive coronavirus cases. In a doubleheader, the Utah Jazz and the New Orleans Pelicans faced each other & the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Los Angeles Lakers took on each other at Walt Disney World, Orlando.

The National Basketball League (NBA) & the Players’ Association (NBPA) administered 344 tests. This round of tests took place inside the league’s bubble when there was no complaint from any member of the team. These 344 tests took place on July 20, when the previous results came up. In the previous round of the test, 346 tests were administered when zero positive coronavirus cases were found. Further July 13, with 322 tests, two players were tested positive for the COVID-19. In seven days, 22 participating teams have played three intrasquad scrimmages this week.

The NBA Orlando bubble.

The NBA Orlando bubble is functioning well. Of all the 344 players who have been tested for COVID-19, zero positive cases came in. The NHL also reported zero coronavirus cases, walking on a similar path as the NBA. The result came right before the teams traveled to their respective hub cities.

In addition, Major League Soccer also has made an announcement that zero coronavirus cases were reported from July 24-25 test. During this round of tests, 884 individuals were tested. The MLB players including the staff members reside at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. And, they practice at the Sports Complex in Orlando.

On the other hand, the Miami Marlins' coronavirus outbreak has brought the league in a state of jeopardy. However, the bubble is working, for MLB, it is completely impossible to keep the staff 7 the players away in an isolated format. There are 30 players in each of the teams, which is far more than MLS or NBA. A similar situation is going to come up with the NFL as it prepares for the 2020 season. Each NFL team can carry 53 players and ostensibly it is quite an impossible issue.

Zero Covid-19 Positive Cases:

As of their latest round of tests, the NBA has again recorded zero positive cases — an announcement from the NBA & the players’ association came in on July 29. Since the last round of tests, 344 players were tested, and the test results were announced on July 20 all of which came out to be negative. This is the second time in a row when the NBA has recorded no coronavirus case. Since arriving in the Orlando Disney World campus, NBA’s all 30 teams, before the beginning of the postseason schedule have played three exhibition-style scrimmages with the eight, "seeding games.”



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