NBA Pledges $300M for its Foundation to Support Black Communities

Author: Sonali


The National Basketball Association has announced the launch of a foundation to support the Black communities. The league has pledged $300M in the initial funding. This decision has come up with full support from the NBA & the players’ association. The league says, our goal, as of now, off-the-court is to support the “Black Lives Matter” moment and be a part of the fight of racial discrimination in the United States.

The league has always supported various social causes and has been a part of racial inequality. This week, the league made this big announcement of the launch of the foundation in line with the fight against racial discrimination.

NBA Official Announcement for its Foundation to Support Black Communities.

The league made the announcement on its official website which said, "Over the next 10 years, the 30 NBA team owners will collectively contribute $30 million annually to establish a new, league-wide charitable foundation. Through its mission to drive economic empowerment for Black communities through employment and career advancement, the NBA Foundation will seek to increase access and support for high school, college-aged and career-ready Black men and women and assist national and local organizations that provide skill training, mentorship, coaching and pipeline development in NBA, markets & communities across the United States and Canada. As a public charity, the Foundation will also aim to work strategically with marketing and media partners to develop additional programming and funding sources that deepen the NBA family’s commitment to racial equality and social justice.”

How the NBA Foundation for Fight Against Racial Injustice will work?

Per the sources, the NBA has said that the primary focus of the foundation is going to be employed across the African-American community. This particular initiative is not just about eliminating racial inequality on the local level, but this is going to be about empowering the Black community, which has been facing this menace from the last many years. This will empower the African American community.

According to this announcement made by the NBA, all the 30 team owners will be contributing $30 million every year over the decade towards the NBA foundation. This is a fresh and commendable charitable initiative that has been announced in support of the “Black Lives Matter” moment. This will fortify the economic empowerment moment dedicated to the Black community that the world is talking about today. The foundation is being launched in a partnership of the board of governors of NBA & the NBA.

Talking about this new initiative the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said, "We are dedicated to using the collective resources of the 30 teams, the players, and the league to drive meaningful economic opportunities for Black Americans. We believe that through focused programs in our team markets, and nationally, together with clear and specific performance measures, we can advance our shared goals of creating substantial economic mobility within the Black community.”

LeBron James & NBPA president Chris Paul on the NBA Foundation.

According to LeBron James, the Los Angeles Lakers star, in the past, he has worked out to assure the community involvement in the initiative. On his own level, he promised to support the community with the LeBron James Family Foundation. This school could only see its first graduating class.

The NBPA president Chris Paul on this initiative focusing on the empowerment of the Black community is of the view that this agreement between the NBA & NBPA will be purely based on the investment to be made in youth employment, traditional higher education & internship programs. Paul says, “The creation of this foundation is an important step in developing more opportunities for the Black community. I am proud of our league and our players for their commitment to this long-term fight for equality and justice, and I know we will continue to find ways to keep pushing for meaningful institutional change.”

This is a landmark & an important step taken together by the league & the players’ association. Let’s see how this initiative is further going to support racial inequality & the Black Lives Matter moment.



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