NBA Picks: Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat

Author: Mansi


One of the most exciting encounters between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat will go live soon. Both the teams are in perfect form. This game would be played at the American Airlines Arena.

Key Aspects 

The Miami Heat are in splendid form and have already won their last four encounters with only a single loss. This is one of the significant aspects that every sports enthusiast should consider before making a call for this game as the team looks in supreme form and has already covered the spread. The fact that the team has focused more on combination play and playing by creating a gap in defense of the opponent has made their comeback so successful. The Boston Celtics might also look to increase their winning streak. The match would surely depend upon some star players of the team. Both teams are considered as equally competitive to win this encounter.

Injury Concerns:

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics are as good as any top three teams in the league, but they are still out of the top 3 spots due to some major injury concerns. The fact that Kemba Walker is still not completely fit and is working on his back has led to a significant worry for the whole Celtics team. The last encounter in which Kemba played could score 14 points from only six shots, and serve as a savior for the whole team. As per the Celtics team is concerned, the team has played some very close encounters. Out of those encounters, the team could manage a win over the Blazers and fell short against the Bucks. Jayson Tatum got hit to rebound, and the team is missing him as he still tries to recover from the opener against Portland.

Miami Heat

As per the Heats are concerned, they are also in a similar situation as the Celtics, but the excellent wingers of the team are having a major role to play in the defense, as well as in the wings. The team is going to playback to back games against Toronto, and Boston and players having such less play-off time would be a significant concern for the team's management. The team is not having many injury concerns as they mostly depend on their young guns. As some stars are concerned, the Miami team has one of the elite center players in the whole league. Bam Adebayo is considered as one of the significant saviors for the team.

Whose playstyle would be more effective?

The play styles of many teams generally depend on the style that their players adopt on the match day. As both the teams are concerned, the Miami heats have both defensive and offensive types of play, which would be a massive advantage for this encounter. The team is among the top five teams to have the best offensive play and should look to make the best use of all the resources to win this encounter.

Whom Would You Bet?

The match can go either way, and it is tough to predict. After observing all the last played encounters between both the teams, it can be confirmed that this is going to be a tough fight and would majorly depend upon the defense of both the teams. As of the fact that Miami is very good at an offensive play, they might look to score as much as they can in the first two quarters itself to maintain a considerable lead. The Boston team highly depended on their defensive play and would look to score more through stealing play and rebounds. Another aspect that needs to be looked at is the quiet time; it would be quite difficult for the Miami Heat team to play such back to back games and do well in all these games.


So, the predictions and the betting scenario are both in favor of the Boston Celtics. The team, although it is having more injury worries the defense still looks in very good form. The combination played by the players against some tough teams is evident in the fact that they are more focused on the final quarter and are looking to protect the lead through their solid defense. The Celtics have already got over the Miami team twice this season. The betting lies -3.5 in favor of the Celtics and might go up to around -4 or -4.5 if the match gets to be a close encounter. 

Summary: Miami Heat might snatch the winning points away from Boston Celtics.



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