Will The Raptors Bounce Back: Boston Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors

Author: Mansi


The Boston Celtics were in complete control against the Toronto Raptors in their last matchup. It was the playoff classic, game 6 of the Eastern Conference of the NBA. The Raptors were just unable to match up with the Boston Celtics in that game. But now both teams are ready to face off against each other in a group 7 match. 

Here in this match, Toronto Raptors will be looking for revenge for the last game, whereas, Boston Celtics will be eager to continue the same form as they were in the previous match. This article would reveal complete preview, players stats & game prediction for this match.

Boston Celtics Team Preview:-

In this match, all the players from the Boston Celtics were just up to their marks. They showed how it is easy to destroy the most formidable opposition as well when it's your day. Boston was very clinical with their defense in that last match against the Toronto Raptors; they didn't give a chance to score points to the Raptors.

Jaylen Brown has been incomplete form this season for Boston. He got support from other players like Jayson Tatum & Kemba Walker. Boston was so clinical in that game that their six players managed to score double-digit points. If Boston has to win this match, then all these players have to play a good game once again. Gordon Hayward is available for Boston, but won't be available against this clash. But this would not make any significant impact on team management.

Key Player for Boston Celtics:-

Jayson Tatum:-

Jayson along with Jaylen & Kemba was the key trio against the Raptors in the last match, where they made it difficult for the Raptors to score the points.

So now once again, the team management will bank upon Jayson Tatum to have a good game. If Jayson manages to play the same kind of game he had played so far then no one can stop Boston from winning the game. He is the most experienced player from both sides while going into the match. 

He has played a total of 66 games for the Celtics so far and scored points with an average of 23.4. Thus, he makes the game look easy, but it is not that easy as he plays when he is in form. So if Jayson along with the other two players had a great day against the Raptors, then they can manage to win this game as well.

Team Preview For Toronto Raptors:-

The only team in this season which is very steady is none other than the Toronto Raptors.

All their players are experienced enough to bring victory from wherever they are.

The last match where they lost to the Boston Celtics wasn't just a good day for them. But they didn't lose the game due to their mistakes; it was just Boston's game that day that no one couldn't match their speed. Therefore, the team management will be hopeful for the strong comeback of their boys in this 2nd match against the Boston Celtics.

Key player for Toronto Raptors:-

Pascal Siakam:- 

Pascal is a very crucial player for Toronto Raptors in this game. If they have to make a strong comeback, then Pascal should play the game with very positive intent the way he has played to date. He has experience of 60 matches with him while performing into this match. So undoubtedly, the team management will be hoping for another miraculous performance from him. 

He scores points with an average of 22.9 per game. He was thus making it more challenging for the opposition. In the last match, he achieved the milestone of 500 field goals. So all the fans are eager to see him again on the basketball court with more intensity in their comeback game.

Toronto Raptors Vs Boston Celtics match prediction:-

While coming into this match, Boston Celtics will be high on confidence due to their last meet up against Toronto Raptors. So undoubtedly Boston's will be the favorites for this match by looking at the recent performance of all their players. But it's for sure that raptors will come in this match with all guns firing.

Final Words

Looking at the format of this game, it won't be that easy to predict the winner and bet on them since here the game changes every 30 seconds. So rather than putting bets on the wrong player's it would be good to sit back and enjoy the game.



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