NBA Face-off: Denver Nuggets vs. Los Angeles Clippers

Author: Mansi


The NBA tournament is now in its final stage where every team is trying to dominate their opponents to win the game. Now as we are heading to game five between the series of Denver Nuggets & Angeles Clippers, the Denver Nuggets will be hoping to win this game and end on winning the last match. While on the other hand Los Angeles Clippers will try to win this match and lead the series with 4-1. Therefore let's see team preview, recent stats of players from both sides & game prediction of this clash in this article.

Team Preview For Denver Nuggets:-

As we are going forward in this season of the NBA problems are getting worse to worst for the Denver Nuggets. In the series between Los Angeles Clippers & Denver Nuggets, Denver Nuggets are lagging by 3-1, so if they have to stay alive in this season, they must win this game.

The only positive thing for Denver in this season is a crucial player, Nikola Jokic. He is in complete form this season scoring points with an average of about 20 per game. Nikola hasn't been getting any kind of help from their star player Jamal Murray, who has been continuously blocked by Los Angeles Lakers defenders in this season. Hence, if Denver has to win this match, then Jamal has to do something extraordinary to choke the defense line of Los Angeles.

Key player for the Denver Nuggets:-

Nikola Jokic:- 

Nikola is showing his team management what he is capable of, by doing every possible thing one player should do. Los Angeles used every weapon in their armory against Nikola. But every time Nikola managed to escape from the same & went to score the points. His stats will indeed speak by his side. In his total 73 games, he averages about 20 per match that shows how consistent he is when it comes to scoring. 

He has attempted the maximum number of field goals so far while playing for the Denver Nuggets. He attempted a total of 1071 field goals & out of them got successful in 561 field goals, which means his field goal percentage is about 53%. Hence, all the Nuggets fans and team management will be hoping for the same intensity of performance from him. He turned out to be a great asset for his side.

Team Preview for Los Angeles Clippers:-

The Los Angeles Clippers are just one win away from entering into the finals of the Western Conference, where they will face either the Los Angeles Lakers or the Houston Rockets. The Clippers were phenomenal in the defense department this season with all players contributing to the team victory.

Kawhi Leonard made sure that he will be having a great comeback after his injury. He is playing with more intensity than he used to play before which is surely a positive sign for any team. Kawhi has scored around 30 to 35 points in this series which makes him the most valuable player for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now the team manager will be hoping for the same quality performance from him one more time to enter into the finals.

Key Player for Los Angeles Clippers:-

Kawhi Leonard:-

There won't be any surprising fact if one says that Kawhi is a very crucial player for the Clippers if they have to win this match. If you look at his stats, you will be sure this man will make the Clippers enter into the finals with his game. Kawhi has been part of the Clippers sides for the last 57 matches. 

He is scoring points with an average above 27 per game and makes every opposition scratch their heads in disbelief. There are a total of 532 field goals registered on the name of Kawhi while playing for the Los Angeles Clippers. If he manages to pull the game for clippers one more time all the fans & team management will carry him on their shoulders. He is the only player in the league who can change the game anytime.

Match Prediction for the Denver Nuggets vs Los Angeles Clippers:-

It is expected that Los Angeles Clippers will win the game & series as well with the likes of inform Kawhi Leonard playing outstanding games and proceed further for the final of the Western Conference. But the Denver Nuggets will be ready with all their guns out to fire against the Los Angeles Clippers to make this game a cakewalk for them.


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