NBA New Draft Date Locked in for November 18

Author: Sonali


Per the latest reports, the previous November 18 tentative date for NBA Draft has been now locked in. Originally the 2020 NBA draft date was fixed for June 26, which was canceled in wake of the pandemic and was pushed back to October 16. Later the draft was pushed back with mutual agreement between the NBA & NBPA. This postponement came in to give the two sides time to discuss, negotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement, salary caps, tax figures & the leagues’ revenue for 2020-21.

The Players’ Association & the league together have been in talks about the new dates & various other aspects of the game. The league has been skeptical if the league starts the game in mid-October, it would not get the required information about the future salary caps & of buying-selling picks & selecting players.

A window for the NBA to hold Virtual Draft Combine.

The NBA got an extended window to hold some virtual draft combines after the May event was postponed. There could be some in-person interviews starting next month between drafts & the teams. It was since the NBA & NCAA seasons were put to halt — the players, and the club officers haven’t gotten the chance to meet each other in-person. After this, there would be a start of the 2020 free-agent period.

With the 2020-21 season up in the air as of now, the league has confirmed there are no chances of it to happen any time soon before December 25. The opening night per the NBPA executive is expected to happen somewhere at the beginning of 2021. The NBA & the NBPA is still looking into how the next season is going to look like with a darn desire to see fans during the game.

Here’s how the NBA New Draft Date was Announced.

In a press release, the NBA officials made an announcement about the new draft date. It said that the league locks on November 18 as the New Draft Date for the season and the date, “remains subject to change as circumstances warrant,.” Previously the date was considered tentative, which has not been locked in.

This is the second delay in the 2020 NBA draft, which was, in the beginning, was scheduled for June 25. The original schedule was pushed back to October 16 after the outbreak of the pandemic. This date was again postponed by NBA & NBPA again to give them more time for negotiating changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, agree to salary caps, and discuss revenue for 2019-20.

The news of the schedule has locked incomes when the league has been outlining the path for the time when the season wraps up at Disney World in October. Last week a report said there are no plans to begin the season before Christmas and that the dates are fluid. But, the league has not announced the new NBA Draft for November 18. There are new & improved COVID-19 health & safety protocols — let’s hope for a smooth flow of the game without any hindrance.


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