NBA Game 4: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Houston Rockets

Author: Mansi


The Los Angeles Lakers will be taking on the Houston Rockets for the 4th game of the NBA in this season. By winning back to back two games, Los Angeles Lakers are in good game touch and are in the commendable position of the Western Conference. 

Whereas on the other hand, Houston Rockets have to win three out of four games to stay alive in the Western Conference. Therefore, with these conditions for both sides, viewers will have a guaranteed thriller game. Thus let's have a look at betting tips for this game.

Players to pick from the Los Angeles Lakers.

LeBron James

LeBron is playing his dream game this season. He has been indeed the backbone of this team in this season apart from Anthony Davis. The chances of him scoring the maximum number of points in this game are very high. Thus, it can be a wise decision to bet on the player with experience of 67 games in his hand. 

He also has an average of about 25 points per game, showing what capacity he has when it comes to scoring points in bulk. LeBron has even registered 643 field goals in this season with a success rate of 49%. That's the main reason every bettor will surely try their luck on LeBron James in this game.

Avery Bradley

Team management will be pleased with the overall performance of Avery Bradley in this season. He indeed utilizes all of his experience in this season as a mature player. All the bettors will also be happy with this match in the form. Avery has played 49 games so far for the Los Angeles Lakers & started 44 games out of the 49. 

He's average is waving around 8.5 this season with 170 field goals to his tally. He has also scored 63 points through three-pointers in this season. This all stays makes him a more valuable player for this season. Therefore, he will be a perfect player to put a bet in this game.

Dion Waiters

Dion will be a surprise pick or surprise bet you will go for. With the game stats & form, he's having a good game against the Houston Rockets. In 7 games he had played, he scored points with an average of almost 12 per game. 

He has 73 field goal attempts whereas 31 successful field goals in this season, making him a trustworthy player for this game. However, you may hurt your chances of winning the bet by dropping him from your betting list.

Players to bet on from the Houston Rockets.

James Harden

James is the most experienced player apart from Tucker in this season. With the experience of 68 games in this season, James has a good outing in this season. He is scoring points with an average of about 34 points per game. By looking at the seriousness of this clash, James is expected to have a good game against the Los Angeles Lakers. 

He has registered 672 field goals this season out of 1514 he attempted. This shows he has a success rate of 44%. He's also been in the three-pointer list with 299 points from that section. Thus, by looking at his overall performance betting on him will be a safe choice for this game.

Jeff Green

Despite playing only 18 games this season, Jeff can cause real harm to the Los Angeles Lakers considering he's playing this game. With all the star player's in the Houston Rockets, Jeff is getting limited chances in this season to play for his team. But if team management decides to go with this man, you must bet on him. 

He has an average of 12 points per game in two games he has started. With the potential he is having, Jeff will make sure that his team ends on the winning side. He has a success percentage of field goals like 56% in this season. He has successfully scored 84 field goals out of 149 he attempted. Hence, he can be a real bet for you.

Robert Covington

Robert has been a part of this team for a long time. He has delivered exceptionally well in this season with an average above 11.5 points per game. With the likes of the match being one-sided, he can score points in bulk and will give you a handful amount of money by winning the fantasy game. He has scored 89 field goals as well as earned 53 points from the three-pointer attempts. Thus, he will be the right choice for your fantasy game. 


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