Best NBA Picks for Game 1: Heat vs. Celtics

Author: Mansi


The NBA postseason began in the middle of August months when all the teams were coming from the break of 6 months due to the COVID- 19 pandemic. In this article, we will have a close look at the player’s stats from the Miami Heat & Boston Celtics, their recent outings & chances of playing in this game. 

The Miami Heat resumed their postseason on the 18th of August against the Indiana Pacers where they went to win that game. While on the other hand, Boston Celtics started their postseason against the Philadelphia Phillies on the 17th of August with the winning note.

Players to pick from the Miami Heats.

Goran Dragic

This season has been fantastic for Goran Dragic. With all eyes on Jimmy Butler, he has played exceptionally well this season. While playing all the 10 games this season, Goran averages about 22 points per game which shows what kind of form he is in. He has a better average than the key player of the Miami Heat (Jimmy Butler) this season.  

With 82 field goals to his name, he is the most decorated player for the Miami Heat. He attempted a total of 174 field goals in this season that makes his success percentage of about 47%. Thus he will be the most valuable player while going into this game. With the likes of the same kind of performance from Dragic, you must pick him in your fantasy team for this game.

Bam Adebayo

 Apart from Goran & Jimmy, Bam is going to be a crucial player for this game by looking at his stats. He is playing the best supporting role in Jimmy & Goran this season. With the maturity & performance, he is showing in this season team management must be happy with him. 

In ten games, he has scored 58 field goals out of 110 he attempted. That makes his success rate of completed field goals like 52% & that’s one of the main reasons to pick him in any fantasy team. Against the Boston Celtics in the first game, the team management will be hoping for the same kind of service from this player. All the bettors will try to win some amount by putting some odds on him.

Players to pick from the Boston Celtics.

Jayson Tatum

It won’t be a surprising statement if someone says that Jayson`s performance will be the difference between win & loss for both sides. Jayson is playing his dream game this season. In all 12 games he played this season, he is scoring points with an average above 25 per game. Now all the readers will know his value who were amazed by reading the first statement. 

He has scored the maximum number of field goals (103) this season for the Boston Celtics. If the Celtics have to win this game, then Jayson must play this kind of game against the Miami Heats in the first game. Jayson also added 35 points to his tally through three-pointer attempts. That’s why dropping him from your fantasy team will hurt you more than you can imagine. 

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen is no more behind in the race of points table against his teammate Jayson Tatum. The duo of Jayson & Jaylen is doing some serious damage to their opponents this season with their points scoring ability. Jaylen has played all the 12 games in this season for the Boston Celtics. In those 12 games, he is averaging about 20.7, showing how destructive he can be when he is in good touch. 

Jaylen has even scored 88 field goals this season out of 203 he attempted. He is just below Jayson with a field goal success percentage of 43.3%. This is the reason you should not drop Jaylen from your fantasy team. Jaylen & Jayson together can tear the defense of the Miami Heat if they are having their day.

Result prediction for the game between Miami Heat & Boston Celtics.

The Miami Heat is a pretty tough team to defeat this season, but looking at the line-up of Boston Celtics this game will be pretty tough. By looking at stats from both sides this is hard to predict the winner before the game. But the Boston Celtics have a chance to equal the series against the Miami Heats & they will try their best to equal the same. Though you can expect Miami Heats as the first choice of winner.



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