Who The 76ers Would Consider Trading - Embiid or Simmons?

Author: Mansi


The Philadelphia 76ers again had the worst season this year. They had a bad NBA season this time as well which may result in some harsh calls from the team management. According to some resources, the team management is likely to ax a few players for the comic season. It is also rumored those players who are going to get axed are ready, and that contains Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. 

Now, all the basketball fans will have their view over this decision. Whether this is a perfect decision or not. So just to tell you the facts behind this trade we are here with this article. Here you can find the reason behind the omission of this player as well as thinking of team management behind this decision. And whom they should release either Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons. 

When it comes to the duo of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, any opposition side used to fear due to those names. But this was far away. As time passed their era went on just like their form, this is one of the main reasons why the team management has decided to trade both players from their sides. 

If we look at the style of game for both the players it is nothing but the same. Both have one of the best inside shooters with a perfect curve. But when it comes to outside shots both these players have no answer over their weakness. Therefore, dropping one player from them can be a good solution. As it can give them a space to bring in such a player, who can give the best outside arc shot. With one good inside shooter and one perfect outside shooter, this team can give the best shot to any opponent.  

Trading Ben Simmons would be a great deal for the Philadelphia 76ers as, 26-year-old Ben isn't in a good form from the last few seasons, as well he has some seriously high values as a trader. Therefore, the Philadelphia 76ers may drop Ben from their squad as they can get another player of high trade. This will certainly boost the morale of the team as new players can give some vital knocks to the Philadelphia 76ers. It is also heard that Ben Simmons has got an offer from Portland Trail Blazers &  Golden State Warriors. Undoubtedly if this deal took place then the Philadelphia 76era can have a good run in the coming NBA season. 

Instead of Ben Simmons, the Philadelphia 76ers can trade CJ McCollum, Victor Oladipo in their team as we already told you the trading price of Ben is more. Therefore, if they let him go, they can have a good player in their squad. If newly coming players can make sure a good run for the Philadelphia 76ers then sacrificing Ben Simmons is the only option Philadelphia left with. But this sacrifice will indeed give them a good chance to reach near the NBA title which they are certainly looking for in their next season. 

On the contrary, Joel Embiid is also a good choice to trade-off, but keeping one key player with this much experience may be useful in the latter part of the tournament. Because as we all know, the form is temporary but class is temporary. This is what is important in the key games. Therefore, trading two key players at a time may cost them a huge loss.

Speaking about Joel Embiid, trading him instead of Ben can be a good choice because his trading value is not that high as compared to Ben. This will certainly give them less of a money bag while going into a trading deal. As the Philadelphia 76ers are trading their one of the key players, they will certainly look for a good player in return. But this will happen only when they have a nice amount in their money pouch. Therefore, trading Jeol ahead of Ben wouldn't be a good deal for the Philadelphia 76era regarding newcomer players. 

Final Words:

Filling voids of a key player isn't an easy task for any newcomer. Because whenever he enters the team, he by default comes up with responsibilities and pressure of replacing a star player. Therefore, it's always a headache for team management to pick players full of skills, and hopefully, they will do perfect work this time as well. 


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