Coach Tom Izzo Tests Positive for COVID-19

Author: Sonali Pathak


Tom Izzo, the Michigan State men's basketball coach tested positive for COVID-19. The announcement came from the school's athletic department on behalf of Coach Tom Izzo on Monday, November 9.

 In the statement, Izzo said, "This morning I tested positive for COVID-19. Although I have some minor symptoms, I remain in good health. I've been extremely diligent for many months now, wearing my mask in public and around the office, while adhering to social distancing guidelines. I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out if there was a time where I let my guard down for just an instance. And while I haven't identified any area of exposure, what I have determined is that this shows the power of the virus."

Coach Tom Izzo’s Return to the Team.

The team officials said that Izzo can return to the team only after completing the 10-days isolation period. This would mean that he could return to the game on or around November 17. The season was to begin from the later part of this month, but for some reason, it could not happen and got canceled. It has been since 1995 that Izzo has been coaching Spartans. Under the coaching of Izzo, the Spartans have won three straight regular-season Big Ten titles. 

The 65-year old coach, at the time of the Big Ten's daily antigen testing, had a presumptive positive test. This was further confirmed after the PCR test. Upon testing positive for coronavirus Izzo was sent to 10 days of isolation and would be returning to the game on November 17. Izzo before the test felt chills and a bit of cough but had no fever. 

Here’s what Izzo said after testing COVID-19 positive.

Talking about contracting the virus Izzo said, "I've been beating my brains out to figure out where and how I got the virus, but I think I've been as diligent as anybody. Which just goes to show ... how serious maybe the virus is. I know for a fact that I wasn't at any big party... I've been just kind of sitting in my own house and going to work. Where I got it, I have no clue." 

Further explaining how he is going to spend his isolation days, Izzo said, I will spend isolation working out and watching the film. Technology will allow me to stay connected with my staff and our players, and I'll have plenty of time to watch films. I'll listen to our outstanding medical staff, and follow their directions, and take all the steps necessary to return as soon as possible. I appreciate the support from my family, my team, and the Michigan State fan base, but if I could ask for one favor, I'd urge everyone to continue to listen to the medical experts and follow their advice. I'm proof that no one is immune, but I still believe that there are steps everyone can take to reduce their chances of contracting the virus."

In the absence of Izzo, Associate head coach Dwayne Stephens will be there to manage the practice. Since the daily testing had started except for Izzo no one from the team had tested positive for coronavirus per the school officials. 

Let’s hope Izzo returns to run the tests soon. The case of Izzo is proof that everyone in the team and outside needs to follow all the guidelines -- the virus can travel just anywhere. It’s like omnipresent!!



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