Will The New Head Coach Help Winning The Clippers?

Author: Mansi


As the clippers crave for a victory after their unexpected ending of the second season, they have appointed the new head coach to turn their luck factor. Tyronne Lue as their new coach can turn the tables for clippers if the past is any indication. His term with the Cavaliers has created history with their chances turning immediately with their victory in the NBA championship in 2016.

The way he took over the reins of Cavaliers during 2016 and led the team to victory after their initial blow-outs were remarkable. It will go down in history as something that will give constant credit to Lue. The expectations from him have also become huge as the Clippers as a team have had a working stint with him as a Coach staff under Rivers. The team has a greater understanding of his contribution.

He is a man with excellent technicality and strategy, who knows the moves to perfection. He is known for capitalizing on the strength of the players, and the way he organizes their playing position.

The LA Clippers have been struggling to convert their initial success to a championship. The team works on paper as they boast of the best players. Their constant failure to capitalize on their initial good start has made their fans disappointed. After the initial blow post the second season, things seem out of shape for the team, and they will require massive work to get back on winning terms. Lue’s plans to stabilize the team have to be in detail that will mend all the dents in the team.

The team as such looks shaky except for the leading contributions from Paul George and Leonard. Their previous one-off with Denver Nuggets, was a shocker as such an unexpected loss threatened the team’s balance.

The only way the Clippers team could ride for a victory is by a stimulating performance from Leonard and George as other players shuffle around their game. Leonard 28.2 pts and George 20.2 pts as average has the maximum utility to lead the team. Lou Williams and Marcus Morris, both have more than 40% FG points, but their games look a little unstable. Their coordination with coach Lue can help them improvise their better start to a successful one.

There are multiple challenges for Lue to be concerned about. The team lacks a punch with intensity as younger and fitter players like DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin fail to perform in all their encounters. The absence of a proper coach has always had an impact on the team, which will be expected to wear off with Lue’s presence. The defense in the team slightly looks better with players like Chris Paul who has contributed majorly in that department. What still worries the team is the lagging of rebounds? Their ranking in rebounds has touched a serious low as they have lost 13 rebounds. Their ranking also has hit the bottom by occupying the 23rd position in the rebound. Another major slip in the team is their attack, which is their pick and roll. Players like Griffin and Jordan do not give their best regarding the attack and rotating, instead, they score better in popping. This inability makes the team vulnerable for playoffs as their limitations block them from victory.

With Tyronne Lue at the helm, and looking back at his stint with Cavaliers, there is a lot of similarities and expectations he could materialize this time. His playing days, for sure indicate, he is a man of extreme tempo and athleticism. The rapport he shares with the superstars and the responsibilities he imposes on them turn things around great for the team. Players like Micheal Jordan and Chris Paul already know his strength to extract good games from the players. It should be easy for them to settle into his tuning and use it to improve their weak points. 

He is also adept at man-management skills to deal with bigshots. Resting the big players involves lots of tossing and scuffles which can be smooth-driven by his tactics. This way, younger players like Griffin, Terrance Mann, and Kabengele can enjoy more field time. If anything to go with previous reins, he would strengthen the defense and attacking-skills of the players by rotating and shuffling them. This way he would be put to maximize use as a coach in bringing the best from the players.  



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