The Los Angeles Clippers Extend their Contract with Paul George

Author: Sonali Pathak


The Los Angeles Clippers have extended the contract with Paul Clifton Anthony George for four more years beyond 2020/21. Clippers have released an official announcement regarding the same. This new four-year extension agreement will come into effect in 2021/22 and it will replace the current player option for George. Per this new agreement, there will be an inclusion of the new player option for the ’24/25 season and will make George eligible for maximum salary. 

In the 48 regular seasons, George averaged 5.7 RPG and 21.5 PPG during his first season with the Clippers in 2019-20. And that was the lowest for George in the last five-years. And, he was also getting off from the shoulder surgery and was limited to 29.6 minutes per contest. But, this year, he looked too healthy and that had made him a five-time All-NBA & six-time All-Star player. With the new extended contract, George cannot be traded to during the 2020/21 regular season.

Everything about the four-year extended project. 

This updated four-year project will cost approximately $176.3MM including the 3% increase in the salary cap in the upcoming season. George has already earned $35.5MM in 2020/21and he will get an increased project worth $39.3MM in the first year of this new deal. And, from the first year, he will get an annual additional salary raise of 8%. The player option in the final-year would make him $48.8MM. On top of that, these figures might get higher if the 3% cap becomes more. 

Talking about this extended deal with Paul George, Lawrence Frank, the Clippers president of basketball operations said, “This is an important moment for our franchise and our fans, to secure a long-term commitment from one of the premier two-way players in the NBA. We aspire to create a destination for players, an environment where they can succeed and enjoy their success. We’re delighted by Paul’s pride in representing Clippers fans, honored that he trusts the organization with this chapter of his career, and share in his relentless pursuit of championships.”

George after the Extended Contract.

George came to the fore with the Clippers in 2019. It made him eligible to sign the veteran contract extension as he had already spent more than two years with the team when he signed his current contract. In fact, this extension announcement came in after there was a statement coming from George -- as he wanted to retire as Clipper. However, this latest contract extension will not just mean that George would retire as Clippers. Through the contract, he may be traded to other teams before the completion of the contract. 

And, in case he plays as Clippere for the next four years per the contract, he will turn 35 at the end of the contract. So, at the time, he can sign with some other team taking his career forward.  This extension will mean that George cannot become a free agent in 2021 (as happened with LeBron James after signing an extended contract). The Clippers are looking all committed to making the Leonard/George duo happen. Unlike Kawhi Leonard still has the option to opt-out until next year, but it does not look like Leonard has anything in mind to leave the team Los Angeles Clippers. 


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