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The poll of a basketball team is released now. There are a total of 25 teams in this league playing against each other to become superior to each other. However, practically it is not possible. With this season being played in the most critical phase of everyone's life, there is a guarantee that it will bring a smile to everyone's faces. However, many unbelievable changes happened this year. Everyone is quite shocked. As we know, basketball is a thrilling game, and anything can happen in a fraction of a second. Here are few top teams amongst them - 

1.Gonzaga Bulldogs :

The Gonzaga Bulldogs play under Gonzaga university. Mark Few is a coach of the group. This university is situated in Washington, Spokane. A team with 3 Jerseys looks like a lion squad. They are the real championships. Zag lost two points and still ranked the first position. They scored 1547 points. This team is a member of the West Coast Conference. They secured their first rank from 2013 to 2020. Their 15 players are awarded WCC player of the year. They introduced football during 1907-08. 

At first, they had no coach. George Varnell was the first official coach of bulldogs. Their biggest rivals are Saint Mary's College (California). Drew Timme is the star player. He had played three matches in this season.  He had attempted 48 field goals. He had completed 29 goals. He is the highest-ranked with a percentage of 60.4 % field goals.

2.Baylor Bears :

As we know, a bear is stronger than a bulldog, but unfortunately, when it comes to basketball, bears got the second rank. This team plays for Baylor University. This team is a member of the 12big conference. This group has two colors one is green, and another is gold. Dave Aranda is coaching them with a generous spirit. Gerry Bohanon had played two matches. He attempted only one pass and completed that one pass. Charlie Brewer had a maximum number of passes. He had 239 tokens, and amongst those, he did 155 completions. 

3.Villanova :

This team represents Villanova University. They played their first season in 1920-21. Their coach is Jay Wright. They are known as wild cats. They won the NCAA tournament in 2018. They are conference regular-season championships. Justin Moore had attempted 42 field goals. He had completed 17 field goals, which sounds wow! Caleb Daniels did 21 field goals. This team is known for its excellent game skills. Cole Swider tried hard and was able to make 12goals. Justin and celeb did nine three-point field goals. This team is a member of the Philadelphia Big Five.

4.Oregon Ducks football:

This team plays for the University of Oregon, located in the U.S. Oregon state. They are the members of the Pac-12 Conference. In 1984, they played their first game and their rivals are the Oregon State Beavers and the Washington Huskies. Cal Young was their first coach. This team has been known for its unique uniform style. Nike has its outfitting rights. Everyone knows Tyler Shough. He had played four games in this season. He had attempted 177 field goals and completed 77 goals with a completion percentage of 65.8%. Travis Dye tried his best, but unfortunately, he had only one pass attempt. 

With these being a few top teams, few other contestants will be going to play a major part in this season. However, they can be anyone. With this game being unpredictable one can't say surely that this team will win this season. There are many teams like Virginia, Lowa, Kansas, Illinois, Duke, Michigan State, etc. However, all teams can register a few unexpected results. Therefore rather than playing mind game over result analysis you can sit back and enjoy the aura of this season.


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