Coach Tara VanDerveer NCAA-record 1,099th Game Wins

Author: Sonali Pathak


Tara VanDerveer with her 1,099th victory became the winningest women's college basketball coach. The Hall of the Fame coach Tara VanDerveer, on Tuesday, won her 1,099th game to set an NCAA record. After the historic victory, VanDerveer said, "I really hope Pat Summit is looking down and saying, `Great job Tara, keep it going”.

VanDerveer & the gold medal.

Not only has VanDerveer done too many winnings in the college ranks, but she also brought a gold medal for the 1996 USA Women's Basketball team. VanDerveer should be one of the names when we talk about the great college basketball coaches. She has not been known for being overly active on the sidelines, but the sports fraternity knows her for being one of the best teachers throughout the game. 

It was the 35th season for VanDerveer and before this, the star player had spent five seasons at Ohio State. VanDerveer began her career as a coach at Idaho and she is currently at Stanford where her career has been exceptionally remarkable. In the first two seasons when she went 27-29, VanDerveer led the team to 32 consecutive winning seasons. 

Apart from that, while being at Stanford, she also led the team to 32 consecutive NCAA Tournament berths. In the total of the 30 seasons, she has won at least 20 games where she has reached the 30-win mark 15 times. She also led the Cardinal to win the national championship in 1990 and 1992 & 12 Final Four appearances. 

Here’s what people said about this game and the victory. 

After Stanford's victory, there has been a flood of admiration for VanDerveer. While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the college basketball season & our lives in general, it would be unfair not to recognize this great achievement of one of the greatest innings of the season. It would be unfair not to recognize & show respect to one of the greatest coaches of the season, VanDerveer. The Cardinal look pretty confident this season and the reason is VanDerveer who is their pillar of strength. In addition to that, the cardinals have no dearth of talents and it could be one of the deepest teams in the country. 

The team, having so many talented players like the junior sharp-shooter Lexie Hull, the senior point guard Kiana Williams, and the freshman Cameron Brink -- there is no doubt about the team being one of the best. Apart from that, Fran Belibi is another star player buzzing with social media followers. On Saturday, the cardinals will be returning to the Pac 12 play. 


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