Lakers' Shooting Guard Danny Green On Swirling Trade Rumors

Author: Mansi


Danny Green's full name is Daniel Richard Green. He was born on 22 June 1987. He is one of the famous basketball players in the world. Danny is an American professional basketball player. He used to play from college time. He has performed well for the University of North Carolina. Green played more games at college time. He played approximately 145 games in college, and he won 123 amongst them. 

These stats are enough to describe his game and his skills. His position in the basketball team is shooting guard. Therefore, fans call him to shoot stars too. His family is involved in basketball. His brother and his cousin also play basketball for their respective universities. 

Every basketball fan knows about the Los Angeles Lakers. The Los Angeles Lakers have shown why they are the best of all. The Los Angeles Lakers are situated in America. The professional basketball team. This team is a member of the Western Conference Pacific Division. Their whole ground is a staples center. The Lakers have won 17 NBA championships. 

The group was established in 1947. The team has several jerseys like purple, gold, black. In the 90s, the Lakers suffered from financial problems. After winning the first NBA championship, they never looked back, and the rest is history. They are holding the record of the longest winning streak in the NBA. Danny Green is the milestone of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Nowadays, we heard about the rumors of Lakers trading. After winning the NBA championship last year, the Lakers are trying to focus on their financial condition. They are trying to improve their roaster. This year Green's average was just 8.0 and 3.3 rebounds.  He got the sixth rank for the Lakers. He signed a two years bond with the Lakers, which is worth $39 million. Green made every fan disappointing. There was a report published on Thursday; that Lakers are likely to be interested in moving Green. The Lakers are trying to replace Green with Demar DeRozan. In contrast, there is no clarity on how real the news is! The Lakers are desperate to deal with Green, but they are trying to find a player who can move on him. 

There are two factors while considering this situation: 

  • Who is available in free agency, and how much do they cost?

  • What if the Lakers will trade back?

Despite this, there is no fixed date for trading. 

After the match, Green and his fiancé had received a death threat on social media because he missed the winning shot at the end of game 5. 

After trading, there is one question, whether the team will add a superstar like LeBron James.

After all these rumors, we tried to contact Danny Green, and fortunately, we caught him. At that time, he said that he wasn't shocked by this news. “I knew this was going to be hard to maintain this contract with the Lakers.” And he said I built my home and I love the place where I was living, nobody likes to move from the place they love. 

However, though Green would be traded, it wouldn't be a good trade for other teams as well. The way he has received death threats from an unknown person must be disturbing for him and his fiancé. This was the shameful act that happened to any of the players. 

Final Words:

Trades are never meant for good players. However, every team tries to trade and retain their core group. But the way Green is getting traded can hurt you a lot. The way he has shown his class in a basketball game to date is mind-blowing. Trading such a worthy player may hurt any team. Therefore, if the Los Angeles Lakers somehow manage to save this player it would be a good relief for them.


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