What changes do the Warriors and Cavs make during the off season

Author: Marcus W. Hogan


The Golden State Warriors have been rumored to be seeking the services of Dirk Nowitzki who could be a great addition to their roster and help keep the floor spread but will it be spead too much with a forward who likes to shoot 3’s, even more than Draymond Green does? The W's are also eager to speak with Kevin Durant, aka The Durantula, to see if he may be able to assist in them regaining the NBA Title. 

The Cleveland Cavaliers have roster issues that they will need to attend to this summer as well. For example, will Lebron James leave now that he came, he saw and he conquered in Cleveland or will he stay put? If he does leave for greener pastures will it be to Los Angeles with the Clippers or the Lakers? If it's for the Clippers will it be because he's interested in playing with Chris Paul who is more likely to pass to him than to shoot? After Kyrie Irving’s Finals display where he made the shots that he took when he didn't pass to Lebron, the King may feel better served at home in Cleveland. Would Lebron entertain the idea of joining forces with the new-look Lakers and their young and player relatable new coach, Luke Walton?

Whatever the case turns out to be, it seems as though there will be a tornado of conversation swirling around The Finals MVP this off-season but internally he may feel that he doesn’t need to do much else in relation to his resume and that he doesn’t need to make another decision based solely on his chance of winning a ring.

With his most recent championship he has officially cemented himself amongst the greats. The concrete was still drying before the 2016 Finals but now with 3 rings, 6 straight finals appearances and 7 in total, he has entered into the room with legends like Larry Bird who has 3 rings in 5 tries, Magic Johnson with 5 rings in 9 tries, Kobe Bryant with 5 rings in 7 tries, Tim Duncan with 5 rings in 6 tries, Shaquille O'neal with 4 rings in 6 tries and even Michael Jordan with 6 rings in 6 tries. He had recently been lost in translation and was on track to be shuffled onto the side with likes of Jim Kelly who’s Buffalo Bills lost 4 straight Superbowls and the BILLS nickname then was jokingly explained away as meaning “Boy, I Love Losing Superbowls” by NFL fans.

Even though James had won 2 titles before this year, he was 2 of 6 and was headed for that to be 2 of 7. Instead James put on a show of epic proportions and led every important statistical category that was kept, including most points, rebounds, assists, and blocks, just to name a few and with some timely baskets by Irving, the Cleveland Cavaliers are now NBA Finals champions for the first time in their history.

What do you think, what changes should either team make? Will we see our third straight Cavs vs Warriors finals next year?



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