Golden State To Meet With Kevin Durant

Author: Charles Hartwell


As of this morning, the Golden State Warriors have decided to follow through with their previously anticipated intentions on pursuing Kevin Durant once free agency begins.

After losing a close and thrilling series with Cleveland, they have now expressed their plans on a face-to-face meeting with the 6’9’’ small forward according to ESPN. Durant is a good fit for the team and there’s no doubt that he would add another dimension to the Golden State offense while complimenting their outside shooting.

The San Antonia Spurs also have a good chance of setting up a meeting with Kevin Durant, and have expressed interest in him. This is also a good place for Durant to grow and expand his basketball knowledge while benefitting an already-great team.

Although these teams have a strong opportunity to pick him up, it may be likely that Durant would like to extend his time with Westbrook and the rest of Oklahoma City.

Kevin Durant’s free agency opens up a lot of opportunities for many teams, and anything can happen. When asked about his free agency, Durant stated that “it’s not necessarily about the spotlight or money.”


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