Kevin Durant Has Signed a Two-Year Deal with Golden Warriors

Author: Raphael Minter


Kevin Durant has signed for Golden State Warriors on a two year deal worth $54.3 million.

Durant joins the team that ended his quest for another Championship final when Golden State eliminated the Thunder and won the Western Conference final in seven games.

The 4× NBA scoring champion has made a move that has been criticized by many pundits in the game who share the notion he could have tried again with Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Warriors won the 2015 Championships against Cleveland but lost the 2016 final to the same team. Golden State aims to create a dynasty of their own and is thrilled to have the last MVP before Stephen Curry join their team.

Miami Heat had Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade that saw the Heat play four successive finals winning two in the process. Golden State Warriors now have a trio of their own in Andre Iguodala, Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.

Durant did all he could when he had the services of James Harden and Russell Westbrook but the championship never came and Harden was traded to Houston Rockets.

Criticisms might come from the Oklahoma City Thunder fans and NBA fans in general but Kevin Durant wants to add up to his collections a championship ring.

Kevin Durant Wants to Cross the Psychological Barrier of Not Winning a Championship

Shaquille O’Neal once said "I have ten fingers and no rings, but I love jewelries." Charles Barkley has said many times that people still remind him off how he never won a championship.

Karl Malone of Utah Jazz fame was twice named as NBA Most Valuable Player but never won a championship. When he realized he might need one by joining Shaq and Kobe together with Gary Payton, the Lakers lost to the teamwork of the Detroit Pistons.

Kevin Durant does not want to be tagged as the talent that won nothing and sees this move as a step in the right direction.

Many pundits would be predicting that two NBA Most Valuable Players might cause a problem for the warriors, they might be wrong. The intensity, desire and urgency with which Durant wants a Championship would surely lead the Warriors back to the NBA final.


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