What Has Happened to Derrick Rose's Rape Case?

Author: Raphael Minter


Former MVP and New York Knicks star Derrick Rose kick started his rape case on Tuesday with a strong belief that he was innocent with a plea of “NOT GUILTY”.

According to FOX News, Rose had earlier in Houston told reporters that he did not act unwisely and whatever he did was not wrong, therefore he is urgently waiting for the chance to appear in court so that he can also usher out what he asserts to be the real story.

The lawyer of the accuser whose name has not been revealed and might wait until trial claims that three men, thus two of Rose’s friends Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen gang and Rose himself raped her. He further went on to say that his client was taken off because she was incapacitated at the time and that Rose and his lawyer had earlier consented to silencing the parties off the courtroom. A rumored $21m which Rose has rubbished earlier before his coming for this case because he knows all too well that he didn’t do anything wrong.

The court awaits the Jury’s selection which resumes on Wednesday.

Derrick Rose has been battling injuries for most parts of his career. Many people hold the assertion that he could have won the MVP again and possibly could have led the Bulls to the Championship title again after the days of Dennis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.

This comes as a blow for the talented NBA star as he was supposed to have a free psychological state to embark on a long season with the Knicks but the stress in going to court and possibly face trial might not bring out the best in the new Knicks acquisition.

Subject of Derrick Rose’s Financial Reputation

With the huge financial reputation of Rose, the subject about deliberate extortion would always come out as Rose’s attorney claims that she just wants to extort some millions from the athlete.

What happens with regards to sex either through consensual or forced in the form of rape can only be argued out with the people involved?

U.S District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald stated that “Sex is essentially at the heart of what has been alleged and denied”.

The world of NBA would have to wait and see the fate of Derrick Rose and his two friends whether it was a consensual doing or it was forced on the accuser.

Rose is set to appear in court again on Thursday, October 6.




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