Billy Joe Saunders Seeks Big Opponent For Next Fight

Author: Charles Hartwell


Although Billy Joe Saunders recently cancelled a fight with Max Bursak in which he would be defending his only title, he claims that he is seeking a victim for his next fight, and he wants a big name. He has his eyes on two of the biggest fighters in boxing today, and he is working vigorously to make one of these fights happen in order to give us fans a fight that we are all so eager to see.

Saunders’ hand injury that was previously setting him back is now healing, and he will be prepared for another chance to defend his title sometime in September. Under the correct circumstances, Saunders is most set on having his next fight include Canelo Alvarez. Although He claims that Alvarez is a coward for vacating his title, Saunders has expressed his refusal to drop to 155 pounds in order to make the fight happen.

“I would never in a million years go down to 155. I’m a 160 Champion, and that is where I stay. If He wants to fight me, I’ll give him a shot but it’s got to be at the weight”.

Those were the words Saunders has said regarding the fight with Alvarez. So it seems as though the only hope in allowing that fight to happen would be for Canelo to agree on Billy’s 160 pounds. However, Canelo isn’t the only one that Saunders is scoping out.

Another fight that Saunders would like to make happen, also provides the opportunity for the potential opponent (who is also currently the most avoided fighter in boxing) to obtain 4 titles, one middleweight title by each of the major governing bodies of boxing. Gennady Golovkin has three middleweight titles that include WBC, WBA, and IBF. The only thing that comes in between him and the WBO title is Billy Joe Saunders. There is no question that GGG wants nothing more than to completely dominate the middleweight division.


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